the knowledge community for international student and

2012 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo
Houston, Texas
Comprehensive Internationalization
 Houston conference theme is “Comprehensive
Internationalization: Vision and Practice”
 Read the NAFSA publication Comprehensive
Internationalization: From Concept to Action at
 Comprehensive internationalization provides a
framework in which we all operate
This knowledge community
provides professional
development opportunities and
resources for international student
and scholar advisers and for those
who work or volunteer in campus
and community-based
international programming.
KC ISSS National Team
Jenny Bowen
Indiana University
James Dorsett
Iowa State University
KC ISSS Chair-Elect
Samantha Lu
Teachers College,
Columbia University
KC ISSS Past Chair
Chris Bargerstock
Michigan State
ISCA Network Leader
John Lorch
Johns Hopkins
ISTA Network Leader
Mihaela Metianu
Florida Atlantic
Regulatory Practice Coordinator
Joann Ng Hartmann
University of Tennessee, Chair, Professional Development
Monica Sharp
University of Oklahoma
Subcommittee on Information
Liz Woycyznski
Case Western Reserve
Campus and Community Programming
KC ISSS Regional Liaisons
I Christina Luther
II Marlene Perrine
Portland State University
University of Denver
III Meg Morgan
University of Texas at Dallas
IV Meghan Lunders
University of South Dakota
V Elizabeth Matthews
Illinois Institute of Technology
V Kristin Aoki
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
VI Lea Minniti
VII Tammy Rosner
VIII Carly Shane
X Rosa Kelley
XI Mihwa Lee
XII Rebecca Sablo
Xavier University
Georgia State University
Carnegie Mellon University
Baruch College, City University of New York
University of Connecticut
University of California-Berkeley
Working together: KC ISSS & ISS-RP
International Student and Scholar Regulatory
Practice Committee (ISS-RP)
Close collaboration with
David Elwell, Chair, ISS-RP
Adam Harold, Chair of the Regulatory Ombuds
Working together:
 Discussions between KC ISSS and RAP/IEM include:
 Resources for colleagues on retention and re-entry
 Development of an FAQ for faculty on working with
international students in the classroom
 How to best and most clearly highlight concrete,
specific objectives and examples of Comprehensive
Houston Annual Conference
 40 KCISSS conference sessions are on the program for the 2012 Annual
Conference; special thanks to Sandy Soohoo-Refaei.
 Don’t miss these networking opportunities!
Tuesday, 5/29 (2:30pm) – Tips for Newcomers to the ISSS Community
Wednesday, 5/30 (8:45am) – Dialogue on Non-Traditional Programs
Wednesday, 5/30 (1:15pm) – Get Involved: Leadership Opportunities in KC ISSS
Thursday, 5/31 (8:00am) – Mentoring Professionals New to ISS Advising
 There are also outstanding NAFSA workshops offered for KC ISSS members
and Regional Highlight sessions that are KC ISSS related.
 As in previous years, a number of “shared interest" sessions at the
conference relate very closely to KC ISSS interests. This category of session
continues to work well for maximizing relevant sessions for KC ISSS
 And more to come next year in St. Louis! Please submit proposals for
sessions, workshop and poster fairs.
KC ISSS Awards Presentation
Hugh Jenkins Award for
Excellence in Community
KC ISSS Award of Excellence
Hugh Jenkins Award
 Recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a
commitment to promoting global understanding and
international exchange in the local community and who
exemplify a spirit of volunteerism and a long term
dedication to international exchange.
 Special thanks to the Selection Committee!
 Alice Laubach
 Maria Oriti
 Liz Woyczynski
KC ISSS Award of Excellence
 Honors a NAFSA member who has been a professional in
the ISSS field for 10 years or more, demonstrated
outstanding qualities that distinguish him or her as a
leader in the field of international student and scholar
services, and who possesses qualities of compassion,
integrity, and leadership.
 Special thanks to the Selection Committee!
 Bill Smart
 Ellen Badger
 Meg Morgan
 Tammy Lyskowinski
 Samantha Lu
 Ask Questions
 Share Experiences
 Be the First to Know of New Practice Resources and KC
 All KC ISSS Resources Are Available on the Networks
Featured KC ISSS Resource
Comprehensive Resource on Crisis Management for the International Student
and Scholar Services Office at
 Before, During and After a Crisis: Questions to Ask
 Learn more about responding to:
 A crisis in a student's/scholar's home country
 An international student/scholar death
 A missing student/scholar
 A serious injury of a student/scholar
 Working with international students and scholars with mental
health issues
 A world-wide crisis (e.g. H1N1)
 The arrest of a nonimmigrant student
Contains Recommended Action Items
Breaking news…
 New KC ISSS Resource Coming Soon!
Submitting post-completion OPT applications:
Tips for Success
 Will assist DSOs with practical problems that arise during
the post-completion OPT application process. These
problems are addressed at different stages at the
application process: while preparing the applications, while
waiting for adjudication, and after OPT has been granted.
 The resource will include a table with recommendations, a
timeline and a flowchart!
Professional Development
Core Education Program Workshop Deans – Thank
 Core Education Program (CEP) Workshops and Deans:
 Campus and Community Programming for Intercultural Learning (Need
F-1 Regulations for Beginners (Jamie Kendrioski)
F-1 Regulations - Intermediate (Christina Luther)
Filing Academic H-1B Petitions (David Jones)
J Regulations for Beginners (Susan Ellis-Dougherty)
J Regulations - Advanced (Christine Bargerstock)
Nonresident Alien Tax - What International Educators Should Know (Mary
Fortier )
Pathways to Permanent Residency (Dena Neese)
Professional Development
 The Training Coordination Subcommittee is happy to announce a
new eLearning course being offered this summer:
 Beyond the Basics of F-1 Student Advising
 We are also looking for new curriculum writers for a new e-
Learning project:
 J-1 Regulations for Beginners -- contact Joann Ng Hartmann at
[email protected] if you are interested.
 Upcoming NAFSA Webinar on International Student
Adjustment, July 11, 2012. Go to to
learn more and register.
Campus and Community
Projects include:
 Hugh Jenkins Award 2012
 Task Force on supporting international student
families in the community.
 Updating Intercultural Activity Toolkit
 Annual Conference Intercultural Initiatives for
Campus & Community Poster Fair
NAFSA Publications
 NAFSA’s Immigration Classification poster was updated in April 2012 to
reflect the most recent statutory and regulatory changes including changes
for B-1, B-2, E-1, E-2, E-3, F-1, F-3 part-time border commuter students, H1C, J-1, and more.
 Basic F-1 for Beginners (CD) has been updated for 2012 and can be
purchased in the NAFSA Bookstore
 A new NAFSA brochure for incoming and current international students
and scholars, with the working title, Bringing Family Members to the U.S.: A
Guide for International Students and Scholars, is being planned with an
expected release by the end of 2012.
Open Team Positions – Join Us!!
If you are interested in joining our
dynamic KC ISSS team, please
contact Jenny Bowen or James Dorsett!
 Interested in becoming KC ISSS Chair-elect?
Leadership Development Committee is always
looking for candidates. Please consider leading this
great team and contact Jenny, James or Sam for more
Thank you!
 Join the KC ISSS networks!
 Meet and stay in touch with your Regional
 Contact us if you have any suggestions or
Enjoy the Annual Conference!

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