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MCA of Kansas City
Safety Excellence
Initiative - Update
Presenter: Pete Chaney
Update Topics
Third Party Services
MCAA Safety Resources
Safety Directors’ Conference
Current Regulatory Issues
Automated External Defibrillators
On the Jobsites???
NFPA 70E Qualified-Level Arc Flash
Safety Training Webinars
Webinars for 2014
May 20
June 24
July 29
August 19
September 24
October 22
November 20
December 18
OSHA 10 & 30 Hour
Construction Safety Standards
MCAA Safety
MCAA Safety Video Access
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MCAA Safety Video App
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Play Store and search for “MCAA Video.”
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Safety Video Download
When use of the MCAA Safety Video App
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MCAA Safety Resources
- 2014 _________
Electric Arc Welding Safety
Fall Protection
Confined Spaces in Construction
Other Resources
Toolbox Safety Talks for Pre-Fab Shops
Guide to Project Crisis Management
MCAA’s Annual
Safety Directors’ Conference
OSHA’s Confined Spaces In
Construction Standard
OSHA’s Confined Spaces In
General Industry Standard
Permit Required
Non-Permit Required
OSHA’s Confined Spaces In
Construction Standard
Originally Proposed Categories
Permit Required
Continuous System
Controlled Atmosphere
Isolated Hazard
OSHA’s Confined Spaces In
Construction Standard
Likely Requirements - Rescue
Crash Carts
Rescue Team
OSHA’s Confined Spaces In
Construction Standard
Other Likely Requirements
All Spaces Permit Required
Supplied Air
Entry Supervisor
Annual Audit of Permit System
OSHA’s Silica Standard
Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL)
Current PEL -
10mg/m3 divided by % of Silica =
(Approximately 250ug/m3)
Proposed PEL - 50ug/m3
(AL - 25ug/m3)
Is there a Mechanical Construction
Worker Silica Exposure Problem
OSHA’s Silica Standard
Four Major Issues
PEL/AL - 50ug/m3
- 25ug/m3
Initial Exposure Determination
Air Monitoring
Objective Data
29 CFR 1926.1053
Work Practices
Rotary Hammers
& Drills (except
Drill equipped with
hood or cowl & HEPA
dust collector
From Table 1
Respiratory Prot.
< 4 hr/day OR > 4 hr/day
Proposed OSHA
Recordkeeping Rule Changes
29 CFR 1904 & 1952
• 250 Workers or More
• 20 to 249 Workers
Forthcoming OSHA I2P2
Injury Illness Prevention Program
• California
• Much More Prescriptive
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