SOGC Resident Committee Overview

Resident Committee
The National Voice for
OB/GYN Residents in
The SOGC Resident Committee
The main goal of the committee is to provide a
forum in which residents from across Canada
can come together to express opinions and
provide recommendations on issues affecting
OB/GYN training.
The committee is formed of 39 members:
• 1 senior and 1 junior resident from each
university form the core of the committee,
allowing each university to be heard.
• A medical student representative also present
Did you know: The JM Committee is SOGC’s largest and most active committee!
The SOGC Resident Committee
The committee meets every month via
teleconference calls and holds 2 face to
face meetings every year. The committee
Numerous activities
Educational opportunities
Useful resources
Many of these resources can
be found on the SOGC Website.
The SOGC Resident Committee
• ACM Planning Committee
• Education
• Resident Well-Being
• Social Accountability
• Communication/Website
The SOGC Resident Committee
Other opportunities to be involved…
•Resident Committee Member
representatives on SOGC SubCommittees
•On one of the following SOGC
The Resident Committee Section of the SOGC
News is called the…
Each month this section features announcements,
columns and university updates written by members of
the committee. It also features the “Resident Life” column
which facilitates discussion on various residency issues
by publishing the results of regular resident polls.
• At the SOGC Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM)
• Sessions specifically for residents
• Organized by the Resident Committee
• Funding for 2 residents from each university to attend
each year
• At the SOGC Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM)
• To provide medical students w the opportunity to
learn about OBGYN residency programs across
• Resident representatives onsite to provide
information and answer questions
• At the SOGC Annual Clinical Meeting (ACM)
• Interesting and difficult OB/GYN cases submitted by
• Presented to an expert panel of professors with the
aim to “stump” the professors
• Test the knowledge and expertise of the panel
• Unique and entertaining session
• Best Ob and best Gyne case presented
Did you know: Both winners of “Stump the Professor” receive an award of $1000!
2 categories of elective grants intended to assist residents in
pursuing elective training of at least 4 weeks duration
#1 - Junior Member Elective Grants for residents
pursuing electives of at least 4 weeks duration within Canada.
#2 – Junior Member Elective grant in International Women’s Health
for residents pursuing electives of at least 4 weeks duration in a
developing country. The host institution also receives a $1000
donation from the SOGC.
Online Resources
Online Fellowship Guide/Directory
A guide listing all available postgraduate training opportunities in Canada.
Descriptions, application dates and contact information.
Online Elective Guide/Directory
List, contact information and tips on arranging residency electives in different
provinces across Canada.
Online Resource Library
Provides direct links to a variety of educational websites, including other
professional organizations.
Online Landmark Articles
Provides a direct link to all “Landmark Articles”.
CARE Projects
• Collaboration and Advocacy in Residency
• Initiative of SOGC Resident Committee
• To encourage residents to become involved
in their communities
• CanMEDS roles of Advocate and Collaborator
• Award for best project each year at SOGC ACM
• The goal is to have a project submitted by each
residency program across the country
• Due Date: May 1,2014
CARE Projects
• This year. ..
• POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION is the focus area for this year’s
CARE Projects!
• How to get started:
• Meet with fellow residents
• Brainstorm ideas for events/interventions to increase awareness
about postpartum depression in your community
• Refer to the CARE Project Cheat Sheet for more info (available from
your friendly neighbourhood SOGC reps)
• Execute project!
• Submit CARE Project to SOGC by May 1, 2014 for a chance to win!
The SOGC Resident Committee
For more information on becoming a SOGC Junior
Member or the SOGC Resident Committee, visit the
SOGC website or contact the Resident Committee
SOGC website:
Junior Member Committee Officer:
Ms. Janie Poirier: [email protected]
1-800-561-2416 x 262

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