Strong Beginnings ACI Report - Alternative Care Initiatives

“Strong Beginnings
A Family for all Children”
Alternative Care Initiatives
October 2014
ACI’s Strong Beginnings Team
• Caroline Bankusha – Alternative C are Coordinator
• Mark Riley – Alternative Care Consultant
• Solomon Lukenge – Finance and Administration
• Lillian Hope– Administrative Support / Researcher
• Dorah Musiimire – MGLSD PSWO allocated to Alternative Care
• Charles – Assessment Team Driver
ACI’s role in Strong Beginnings
• Establish an Alternative Care Unit at MGLSD
– Now established and operational
• Assessment and follow-up of Child Care Institutions (CCIs)
– 44 assessments undertaken and 17 follow-ups (Total of = 61 against
a target of 48)
– 1488 children resident in the assessed CCI’s
• Transition the Alternative Care Panel into MGLSD
– One panel undertake at MGLSD, next panel in October
– Panel invites now being signed and sent by MGLSD
Mobilising MGLSD Inspection Team often difficult due to conflicting diaries
Political influence of CCI’s / CCI’s lobbying officials
Internal MGLSD processes limited in certain areas
Over reliance on key MGLSD Personnel
Obtaining Assessment Results from Assessment team
ACIU being nationally recognised and receives referrals and requests from a
multitude of sources but has limited capacity within the Unit
Discovering ‘suspected‘ child trafficking connected to CCI’s
• Improve Assessment Processes
– Permanent Secretary to sign off results before feedback to CCI’s
– CCI’s to sign a off at the end of an assessment
– ACI to temporarily compile full reports of assessments & update
– Improve referral mechanisms – Anti-Trafficking
• Expand Assessment Results Database and publish assessment Results
• Advocate MGLSD and donors for funds for a CCI closure team and Closure
• Transition the Alternative Care Panel to MGLSD ongoing
Mark Riley, [email protected] , 0784350921
Caroline Bankusha, [email protected], 0772433265
Dorah Musiimire, MGLSD PSWO, [email protected], 0782308148

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