summer_classics - Department of Classics

Q. What does the UM Classics
department teach in the summer?
A. Usually, not much.
A. Usually, not much.
• ONLINE: CLC 201 (Medical terminology)
and CLC 106 (Myth)
• Occasionally another May or August
intersession course (CLC 100-level).
• In Summer 2016 we should again have a
course in Rome.
Dr. Becker’s field school
Dr. Pasco-Pranger’s May Intersession
Q. What else can I do?
Society for Classical Studies Summer
Programs list
Study Travel: Greece
• College Year in Athens
• Arcadia University in Athens: Of Gods and the City
• American School of Classical Studies in Athens Summer
• Greek Studies on Site
Study Travel: Rome and Italy
• John Cabot University
• Summer School of the American Academy in Rome
• American University of Rome ?
• Vergilian Society Tours
Archaeological Digs and Field Schools
• AIA’s Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin
Consult Dr.
Becker or
(next year)
Dr. Ajootian
on fieldwork
Intensive Language Study in the US
Some Programs in Major Cities (courtesy of
• Austin, TX University of Texas at
• Berkeley,
CA Berkeley
• Boston, MA Boston University
• Chicago, IL University of
• Columbus, OH The Ohio State University
• Los Angeles,
• New York, NY City University New York
• Philadelphia, PA University of
• Tuscon, AZ University of Arizona
• Washington, D.C. Catholic University
Intensive Language Study Abroad
• Living Latin in Rome
• Living Greece in Greece
• Caesar in Gaul
• Vivarium Novum Academy
• University College Cork (Ireland) Greek and Latin
Summer School
• Sunoikisis Internships in D.C.
• At Library of British School in Athens
• Notre Dame’s list (includes lots of museum possibilities)
A selection of scholarships
• (links to all at
• McDonnell Endowment Scholarships are open to UM Classics majors with the first priority
given to supporting summer study abroad. Apply with a letter to Dr. Pasco-Pranger outlining
your request, its relevance to your academic and/or career plans, and a budget. Applications
are taken on a rolling basis, but requests for summer funds should be submitted by April 1.
• For Eta Sigma Phi members, a set of scholarships is available each year for summer study at
the American Academy in Rome, the American School for Classical Studies at Athens, and in
Italy through the Vergilian Society—priority for the last is given to undergraduates. ΗΣΦ also
has a yearly scholarship to support participation in an archaeological field school. Deadline for
all is February 1.
• The Etruscan Foundation supports fieldwork in Italy. Applicants must be members of the
Etruscan Foundation and applications are due in January.
• The Jane C. Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarship is offered annually by the
Archaeological Institute of America. “The scholarship is open to students who have begun their
junior year of undergraduate studies at the time of application and have not yet completed their
first year of graduate school at a college or university in the United States or Canada . . . and
must not have previously participated in archaeological field work of any kind.” Deadline is
March 1.
• Sunoikisis Kenchreai Archaeological Field School scholarship One scholarship offered
annually to the field school. Deadline for application is February 22.

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