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Supplemental Architectural Services
May 2011
Site Analysis / Site Evaluation & Planning
Supplemental Service
NJMC Center for Environmental and Scientific Education, New Jersey
Fredric A Rosen, Architect
Image courtesy of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
Site Analysis / Site Evaluation & Planning
Supplemental Service
Why a Client May Need These Services
• To evaluate development constraints and
opportunities for a site
• To assess one or more sites as a basis for purchase
• To assess the infrastructure characteristics of a site
• To gain information as a basis for a zoning variance
Site Analysis / Site Evaluation & Planning
Supplemental Service
Knowledge and Skills Required
• Knowledge of climate, topography, soils, and natural
• Knowledge of site utility distribution systems
• Ability to evaluate site access and circulation factors
• Understanding of building siting considerations
• Familiarity with planning and zoning ordinances
• Ability to analyze multiple factors objectively
• Ability to work with related or specialty disciplines
Site Analysis / Site Evaluation & Planning
Supplemental Service
Representative Process Tasks
• Program investigation
• Site inventory and analysis
• Site evaluation
• Report development
Site Analysis / Site Evaluation & Planning
Supplemental Service
B203–2007, Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Site Evaluation and
AIA Document B203™–2007 is intended for use where the architect provides the
owner with services to assist in site selection for a project. Under this scope, the
architect’s services may include analysis of the owner’s program and alternative
sites, site utilization studies, and other analysis, such as planning and zoning
requirements, site context, historic resources, utilities, environmental impact, and
parking and circulation. AIA Document B203–2007 may be used in two ways: (1)
incorporated into the owner/architect agreement as the architect’s sole scope of
services or in conjunction with other scope of services documents, or (2) attached
to AIA Document G802™–2007, Amendment to the Professional Services
Agreement, to create a modification to an existing owner/architect agreement.
B203–2007 is a scope of services document only and may not be used as a
stand-alone owner/architect agreement. B203 was revised in 2007 to align, as
applicable, with AIA Document B101™–2007. NOTE: B203–2007 replaces AIA
Document B203™–2005 (expired May 31, 2009).
Architect’s Handbook
of Professional Practice
The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice (Handbook or HPP) is
the most comprehensive reference available about architecture practice.
Its breadth makes it a unique one-stop resource for licensed architects,
for professionals aspiring to be architects, and for those engaged in or
associated with the building design community. As the centerpiece
publication of the American Institute of Architects, the Handbook fulfills
the Institute’s goal to “Be the Authoritative Source: Be the recognized
leader for knowledge about the practice and profession of architecture.”
(2010–2015 AIA Strategic Plan, p. 4 plan approved December 2009).
Site Analysis / Site Evaluation & Planning
Supplemental Service
To view the Supplemental Architectural Services series,
visit www.aia.org/practicing/akr/AIAB089194
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