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Demand Flow®
Chiller Plant Optimization that Reduces
Energy Consumption 20-50%
Demand Flow
Demand Flow chiller
optimization helps you spend
less to cool your buildings.
 Controls and sequences entire
chiller plant automatically
 Increases deliverable tonnage of
the chilled water plant
 Works with any chiller and building
automation system
 Streamlines plant operations
without sacrificing comfort
 Results in significant energy
savings – up to 50%
Demand Flow
Demand Flow delivers
greater energy savings
and a rapid ROI.
 Saved over $12.5 million in
energy costs to-date
 Reduced annual electricity
consumption in excess of 250
 Planned and completed over
100 installations nationwide
Demand Flow
First City Tower
Houston, Texas
 49-story Class A commercial office
tower managed by CB Richard Ellis
 30% reduction in energy usage within
central chilled water plan
 8% overall energy reduction for
entire facility
Demand Flow
Ochsner Medical Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
 Annual energy savings of $1,033,000
 Monthly savings of $86,000 guaranteed
by Siemens
 Reduction of 19,656,000 pounds of
CO2 per year
 Chiller ton-hours reduced by 26.6%
 Annual electricity usage reduced by
Demand Flow
Point Loma Nazarene University
San Diego, California
 Chilled water plant electricity
consumption reduced by 42%
 Chiller plant efficiency improved
from 1.4 kW/ton to 0.47 kW/ton
 Energy costs reduced by $97,000
per year
Demand Flow
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Richmond, Virginia
 Over $250,000 in annual energy
 Exceeds State of Virginia mandate
for 20% reduction in energy usage
 Maintains critical humidity and
temperature requirements with
less tonnage
Photo by Travis Fullerton © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Demand Flow
Beau Rivage Casino
Biloxi, Mississippi
 Reduced plant energy usage more than
500 kW annually
 Increased air-side capacity by 33%
to effectively cool entire facility
 Generated $300,000 in energy savings
within 12 months
 Returned 100% investment within one
Demand Flow for Ships
MS Westerdam
Holland America Lines
 Now the most energy efficient large
cruise ship in the industry
 Chiller plant energy consumption
reduced by 52%
 Generated $687,000 in energy savings
in the first year
 Returned 100% investment in less than
one year

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