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Toussaint Louverture & Haiti
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Mr. Louverture Himself
● Francois - Dominique Toussaint
● Born - May 20th on the year of 1743
● Died - April 7th on the year of 1803 at the
age of 59
● Nickname - The Black Napoleon
● He started in the Spanish army but
switched to the French army when they
abolished slavery
● He was the leader of the Haitian
The Haitian Revolution!
One of the most largest most successful
slave rebellions in the Western Hemisphere
was the Haitian Revolution. By 1791-1803
slaves were able to end not just slavery but
the French’s control over their colony.
The leader of this great rebellion was Mr.
Toussaint Louverture himself!
On January 1st , 1804, haiti was renamed
and declared independence. Haiti soon was
known as the second nation in the western
hemisphere(after the U.S) to gain their
independence from a european power.
References war pic portrite
Thomas O. Ott, The Haitian Revolution 1789-1804 (Knoxville, Tennessee:University of Tennessee, 1973); - See more at:
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