Organizational Strategies

Adam Ray
VP of Customer Support
Introduction to Strategies
Introduction to Strategies
The term “strategy”…
Can be traced back to the ancient Greek military
Dictionary says it means a “careful plan or method
of great importance within an integrated whole or
to a planned effect”
Baldrige Criteria mentions it over 250 times
Google returns over 238 Million results
Introduction to Strategies
Strategies guide decision making
Everyone has them
Many different types
Family Strategy
 We desire safe, extremely convenient living conditions with plenty of
room for our family, and a great environment for our children to learn
both academically and socially.
Personal Strategy
 I want to feel good and live a long, fulfilling life.
What are Organizational Strategies?
Guide an organization’s decision making
Embedded within Mission Statement, Goals
and Culture Statement
 Stick to our core business.
 Develop our future leaders and, when possible, promote from
 Relentlessly pursue continuous improvement which drives
innovation and organizational and personal learning.
Why are Organizational Strategies important?
“Management is doing things right; leadership is
doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker
Why are Organizational Strategies important?
Help leaders to…
Do “the right things”
Focus on what’s most important
Improve results
Facilitate organizational and personal learning
How are Organizational Strategies used?
Critical part of Leadership System
Top-level decision making
Creation of Strategic Plan
Creation of processes and work systems
Leaders can turn to them any time there is a
decision to make
How about some examples?
…and one last example
 Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Company Goal
Want to satisfy as many Customers as possible
Our Customers require values, strategies and policies
that put them first
 We have a strategy to focus on long-term value
versus short-term results
So…with current political environment:
Quantity limits, no price increases, no Employee
Deploy, Deploy, Deploy
Adam Ray
VP of Customer Support

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