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Student Internship Offer
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Student Intern Title: Innovation Team EMEAA
Role Description
Org Chart:
Carlos Medina
(Production Technologies)
• Support Global Initiatives (Webcast, Video Conferences,
Virtual Meetings and task related to them)
• Prepare and follow up agendas (meetings)
• Build collaboration mechanisms.
• Continue to keep the integrity of the VAP Dashboard as well
to maintain the databases.
• Prepare creative presentations to raise the attention of
• Prepare communication campaigns.
Juan Carlos Martínez
Environmental Technologies
Role Challenges:
Technical Requirements :
• Knowledge of Excel formulas (Expert knowledge required
using vlookups and if-statements. Strong data
manipulation skills (needed for cleansing "dirty" data)
• Understand in a short time the current business needs and
translate these into practical solutions
• Interact with internal clients to ensure deliverables are on
time and according to specifications
Basic knowledge of image / video edition program.
Basic information on HTML
Interpersonal skills:
• Excellent communication skills
• True team worker
• Excellent social and personal skills
• Ability to adapt to different environments
Social Media and other social networks early adopter
Personal Requirements
• Passport from Switzerland or any other Country of the
European Community
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• English proficiency - CEMEX English Assessment (CEA)
: TOEIC> 805 / Auralog> 659
Student Internship Project & Activities
Control and Mitigation of Emissions to the Air and Water in the Cement Industry
The Environmental Technologies area encompasses the Control and Mitigation of Emissions to the Air and Water in all the
productive process of cement, starting from the Mining and quarry, grinding, pyro-processing, quality control finishing with the
used of Portland cement in ready-mix.
In this specific project the intern will be working very closely with the area supervisor and with area of interest (Environmental
Technologies) with the following aims:
Collaboration in the researching and mapping of the best available and economical technologies, as well as suppliers for the
measurement, monitoring, control and mitigation of emissions to the air and to the water in the cement industry.
Comparison between the current available and enforced main regulations and specification limits for emissions to the air: USA
vs. EU vs. Latin-America.
Development of a Methodology for the measurement of volatile organic compounds at the laboratory scale.
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Student Compensations
CEMEX’s Research and Development Laboratory in Switzerland will provide the “STUDENT” with the following
 Travel expenses: round trip from the STUDENT’s home - Brügg, Switzerland(flight + train)
 Lodging in a fully furnished 4 bedroom apartment rented by CEMEX. All related costs (electricity,
water, etc) will also be covered by CEMEX Switzerland
 Administrative costs related to Entry in Switzerland: VISA, work permit
 Food : up to 30CHF per day (max. 150CHF per week and per intern), upon presentation of receipts
 Bus Ticket for transportation between lodging facility provided by CEMEX and the workplace at
CEMEX’s research facility.
 Half Fare Card for purchasing tickets at Half Fare for all Train Services in Switzerland
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Place, Schedule and Duration of the Professional Experience
 The establishment where "the STUDENT" will develop his professional experience will be the CEMEX
Research Group AG located in Brügg b. Biel
 The address of CEMEX Research Group is:
Römerstrasse 13
2555 Brügg (b. Biel)
Tel. + 41 (32) 366-7800
 The schedule of experience will be from 8:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs from Monday to Friday, which can vary.
 “The STUDENT” will have to fulfill a minimum of 40 weekly hours, with the exception of the holidays
given by “The COMPANY”. The legal Holidays that have been established for the Canton of Berne,
Switzerland for 2015, can be found in the in the following link:
 “The STUDENT” activities in "the COMPANY" will initiate on the 2nd day of March 2015 and will end on
the 26th day of February 2016.
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