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Today and the Future
 Organized in 1995 and held first regional
conference that year in Mobile, Alabama
 Our mission is to ensure a sustainable future for
the longleaf pine ecosystem through partnerships,
landowner assistance and science-based education
and outreach
 Our approach is to emphasize both the ecological
and the economic values of longleaf forests, with
particular attention to private lands
 Incorporated in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit
corporation to support longleaf restoration
 Primary functions are to support longleaf
restoration efforts, interact with policy makers at
local, state and federal levels, and assist with
restoration efforts among partners across the
 Robert Abernethy, President
 Anne Rilling, VP for Business
 Mark Hainds, Research
Carol Denhof, Understory
Vernon Compton,
GCPEP Director
Randy Tate, Ft. Stewart
Ad Platt, Technical Assistance
 Bob Wilken, Fire Specialist
 Steve Bennett, Ecosystem
Support Team (EST) Leader
Karen Zilliox, EST Project
Donna Vassallo, EST member
Brian Schumann, EST member
VP For Operations, Vacant
VP For Development, Vacant
Director of Outreach, Vacant
Administrative Assistant,
Headquarters for
The Longleaf
The Solon Dixon
Forestry Education
Center near
Andalusia, Alabama
and in the heart of
longleaf country.
The staff there
provides essential
support to the
 Outreach & Technical Assistance
 Communications
 Education
 Applied Research
 Advocacy & Policy
 Longleaf Landscapes
 Over 1000 workshops, seminars, and presentations
to professionals, land managers, and land owners
in all nine states of the longleaf range
 Hosted 9 major regional conferences, 4 Montane
longleaf conferences, and 4 nursery / understory
 Member of the Longleaf Partnership Council
working toward implementation of the Range-wide
Conservation Plan for Longleaf Pine
 Collaborate with public and private partners to
share knowledge and resources to further the
longleaf cause
 Make hundreds of site visits with interested
landowners and managers to answer longleaf
 Developed Longleaf Academy program in
2008 with Longleaf 101.
 Longleaf 201 courses started in 2011 with
Understory Restoration
 Added Herbicides and Longleaf 201 in 2012.
 Conducted 31 Longleaf Academy courses to
date; 9 Academies and 3 Workshops planned
in 2013
 675 graduates trained to date
 Webinars and online courses added in 2011.
 Maintain website as a clearinghouse for longleaf
Produce quarterly newsletter The Longleaf Leader
Develop and disseminate technical information
through various media
Respond to telephone and email requests for
Maintain a Facebook page
 Developed elementary and grade school curriculum,
“Teaching Kids the Longleaf Story” and conducted
teacher workshops in its use
 Distribute the longleaf ecosystem poster set
 Conducted dozens of classroom sessions using those
materials and the novel “Longleaf” to increase
awareness and appreciation of longleaf forests among
the next generation of land owners, mangers and
 Develop field demonstration sites across the range
 Conduct or support applied research on:
 Artificial regeneration and seedling quality
 Herbicides and longleaf management
 Prescribed fire and longleaf management
 Understory restoration efforts
 Longleaf Growth and Yield models
 Comparative growth on xeric site
 Partridge pea control on CRP sites
 Longleaf inventory and mapping efforts
 Gopher tortoise mitigation system(s)
 Provided recommendations for site prep, planting methods,
planting depth, and release for longleaf in the CRP program
Advocated for longleaf to be included in WHIP and EQUIP
Promoted the use of native herbaceous species in CRP
Working to develop mitigation policies for endangered
species that would reward private landowners for good
Advocate increased use of prescribed fire
Advocate stand conversion of loblolly and slash to longleaf
in high risk areas (hurricane prone areas, diseases and
Advocate longer rotations for multiple objectives
 Longleaf forests we are currently working directly with
to protect and manage
Gulf Coastal Plain (GCPEP), NW FL / South Al
Ft. Stewart Area, GA
Wade Tract, GA
Big Woods, GA
Hobcaw Plantation, SC
Brosnan Forest, SC
Hitchcock Woods, SC
 The Alliance operates with donations and gifts
from sponsors and supporters and grants from
State and Federal agencies and other non-profits.
 NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) to establish
Understory Restoration Coordinator Position
 NRCS Alabama Workshops
 Home Depot Longleaf Restoration Project
 Conecuh National Forest Challenge Cost Share
 Georgia Forestry Commission Academy Grant
 NC/SC/VA Forest Service Academy Grant
 Alabama Forestry Commission Longleaf Restoration
 NFWF/GCPEP – Landscape level restoration and
conservation coordination
NFWF Ft. Stewart Landscape Level Restoration
NFWF Understory Grant
NFWF Technical Service Provider (AL, FL)
NFWF Power of Flight
USFWS Education and Outreach
USFWS Georgia Partners for Wildlife
USFWS Texas Partners for Wildlife
USFWS Range-wide Conservation Plan Implementation
 Fill the vacant positions of VP for Operations, VP for Development,
Director of Outreach and Administrative Assistant.
 Expand our ability to bring Academies to all the states while
looking for additional grants to reduce the cost to the participant.
 Expand Prescribed Fire Insurance for the Landowner.
 Expand work on our National Forests through Challenge Cost
Share Agreements and Stewardship Contracting.
 Expand grants and partnerships to put more Longleaf in the
ground and more smoke in the air.
 Expand the 24 page quarterly newsletter to a 40 page full color
glossy magazine with updates of research, projects and
implementation reports from across the range, December 2013.
 8 million acres of Longleaf by 2023
 The Longleaf Alliance is here to:
 Further the education effort through workshops,
Academies, the Longleaf Leader, the website and
 Develop and lead implementation teams where needed
 Collaborate with all partners to achieve our common
goal of Longleaf, Far as the Eye Can See

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