Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter

- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
The Gold Vault Chapter
Fort Knox, KY
General Membership Meeting
March 22, 2011
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
• Opening Remarks/Welcome – Freddie Blakely
• Chapter Presentation – Vince Holloway
Introduction of Chapter Leadership
Accomplishments Since Last Meeting
Mission and Vision Statement
Strategic Goals
Model Chapter Goals
Joining the Ft. Knox Gold Vault Chapter
• Guest Speaker – BG LaWarren Patterson, CG, 7th Signal Command
– Mission of the 7th Signal Command
– The Cyber Threats We All Face
• Questions and Answers
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
Gold Vault Chapter Leadership
Board of Directors
Chairman – Freddie Blakely
Vice Chairman – Vince Holloway
President – Joe Bonano
Director -- Marv Barker
Director -- Gordon Baylis
Director – Bruce Border
Director – Dave Cox
Director – Billie Giles
Director – Luke Hill
Director – COL Bob Knutson
President – Joe Bonano
Vice President – Mike Edwards
Secretary – Tammy Plamp
Treasurer – Bruce Shackett
VP, Operations/Community Outreach—Vacant
VP, Programs—John Miller
VP, Publicity—Nancy Golly
VP, Scholarships/Education—Gary Thomas
VP, Membership—Brad Genet
VP, Awards—Linda Maassen
Young AFCEAN—Anthony Day
Photographer—Glenn Fonda
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
Accomplishments Since Last Meeting
• Board of Directors
– Validated the Chapter Vision and Mission
– Established the Chapter's Strategic Plan
• Executive Committee
– Established and submitted our Model Chapter Goals for next year’s
model chapter award
– Successfully supported our first conference (Code PaLOUsa in
– Established the Chapter's Website (
– Established our Bank Account and appropriate tax documentation
for normal operating funds
– Applied for EIN for the Educational Foundation account
– Received seed funding from AFCEA International
– Started planning for the Chapter's scholarship program
– Started planning for the Chapter's Young AFCEA program
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
AFCEA Mission
AFCEA is an organization that serves its members by providing a
forum for the ethical exchange of information. The Fort Knox
Gold Vault Chapter is dedicated to increasing knowledge through
the exploration of issues relevant to its members in information
technology, communications, and electronics for the defense,
homeland security and intelligence communities.
AFCEA Vision
To be the premier information technology, communications, and
electronics association for professionals in government, industry
and academia for the Greater Fort Knox Community.
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
AFCEA Core Values
• Ethics
• Commitment
• Education
• Visionary Leadership
• Quality
• Diversity
• Provide a recognized ethical forum that promotes discussion of
information technologies and issues among government, industry and
academic leaders worldwide.
• Provide value and benefits to members and communities of interest.
• Actively engage Government agencies on IT policy matters.
• Grow and maintain our active membership within the IT community.
• Provide professional development.
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
First Year Goals
• Grow the membership
• Establish business processes
• Create a marketing plan identifying AFCEA product, placement,
promotional activity, and price
• Involve the membership in leadership and committee activities
• Assign board members to act as mentors to roles on the
leadership team
• Establish scholarship fund
• Give out at least one scholarship
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
Three and Five Year Goals
• Increased funding for scholarship
• Hold the second annual industry day
• Have at least two members publishing or speaking on a national
• Grow the pool of members and the pool of leaders
• Build an active mentorship program reaching the schools
• Integrate local businesses into the process and cadence
• Manage a functional financial portfolio
• Be regarded as the go-to organization in the region for IT
• Sustain Membership
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
Model Chapter Goals
The purpose of the Model Chapter Award is to strengthen the
overall chapter structure and program of activities.
Increase individual membership by 20 percent.
Exceed 75 percent for individual membership retention.
Corporate Involvement
Gain at least two Corporate Sponsorships.
Scholarships/Educational Opportunities
Establish a scholarship fund and give out at least one scholarship.
Prepare Industry Day structure and strategy for FY12
Perform fundraising analysis to determine other likely events.
Submit at least one chapter award through the Regional RVP
Establish a procedure for future nominations for individual members.
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
Joining the Gold Vault Chapter
• As of 10 Mar 2011, 106 AFCEA Members affiliated with the Fort
Knox Gold Vault Chapter
• AFCEA Member, but not affiliated with the Fort Knox Gold Vault
– Simply go to the AFCEA portal at; log in select
'portal home' on the left frame; select the 'Transfer Chapter' button
on the Memberships tab on the right side; select the drop down
arrow for Select New Chapter; Select 'Fort Knox Gold Vault
Chapter'; and select 'Submit'.
• Interested in Joining AFCEA:
– The easiest way to join is to go to and join by
applying and paying on line. Be sure to affiliate with the Fort Knox
Gold Vault Chapter.
- Fort Knox Gold Vault Chapter
Questions and Answers

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