Developing writing strategies

writing strategies
Look at the
cover of the
and answer
a magazine for the youth
A university
typical day
This week…
What do you
do every day?
What’s your
favorite day?
1.What’s the name of the magazine?
2. Who is it for?
3.What is the article inside the
magazine about?
4. Can you say the names of the days
in English?
5. What is the day today? Is it your
favorite day? Why? Why not?
Read the article which Ed
wrote about his daily
activities at the university
and say what each
paragraph tells us about.
A university student’s typical day
My Day!
My name is Ed. I’m 23 years old
and I live in Havana, Cuba. From
Monday to Friday my daily
routine at the university is always
the same.
I always get to school on time. I’m
usually there by 7.45 because
classes start at 8 and I’m never
In the afternoon, I often go to the
library or to the computer lab to
study. Sometimes, I practice sports.
I rarely stay after 5.
After college, I go home. I usually
talk to my friends and play soccer.
Then, take a shower and have
dinner with my family.
In the evening, I often watch sports
on TV. I like soccer but baseball is
my favorite. I also love to listen to
music, especially to relax when I
go to bed after a busy day.
Writing about
daily routines
• Give information in chronological
order: morning, afternoon, evening.
• End by saying how you feel about
your daily routine.
• Use the simple present.
Par. 1 Introduce yourself…
Par. 2 In the morning…
Par. 3 In the afternoon…
Par. 4 In the evening…
Par. 5 How you feel at the end
of the day…
Write an article about your
daily routine for the school
or local newspaper.

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