Overview of Curriculog - Kennesaw State University

Overview of Curriculog
Kennesaw State University’s
Implementation Team
KSU’s Curriculog Team
Dean Adams, Assoc. Professor of Theatre and
Performance Studies
David Baugher, Asst. Dean of the Graduate
Jennifer Figueroa, Administrative Assoc. to
Jamie Grimes, Academic Publications
Veronica Trammell, Assoc. Director of ITS
Valerie Whittlesey, Assoc. VP for Curriculum
Erik Bowe, Asst. VP & Chief Data Officer
Shannon Clayton, Application Support for
Enterprise Systems & Support (ESS)
Ana Edwards, Interim Registrar
Donna Hutcheson, Director of Enterprise
Academic Reporting
Elke Leeds, Asst. VP for Technology Enhanced
Viola Lee, Asst. Project Manager of ESS
Rifka Mayani, Assoc. Director of ESS
John Smith, Assoc. Registrar
Tonya Sootes, Application Support of ESS
Kim West, Asst. VP for Enrollment Services
Digital Architecture
• Company that provides two online
– Acalog- an electronic catalog system
– Curriculog- an online curriculum
management system
What is Acalog?
• KSU began using Digital Architecture’s Acalog in 2008.
• This solution allowed KSU to move from producing physical
undergraduate and graduate catalogs to publishing the
catalogs electronically on the web.
• Acalog is used by hundreds of colleges and universities.
• Acalog allows:
Easy clicks to access catalog information
Formatted and searchable sections of the catalogs
Ability to make real-time corrections to the catalogs
Interactive options that enable social media integration,
including personal catalog portfolios and mobile device
versions of the catalogs accessible on smart phones.
What is Curriculog?
• A newly developed curriculum management online solution.
• Curriculog allows:
– Platform for adding, modifying, and terminating/deactivating
curriculum proposals
– Online curriculum proposal forms customized for KSU
– Ability to set up review processes for each curricula action type
including rule-based routing customized for KSU
– Setting up curriculum meetings and agendas online
– Tracking edits to proposals online from curriculum
– Making curriculum decisions online and handle electronic signatures
– Dashboards allowing users to view active proposals, keep track of own
proposals, and those that need watching
– Configurable fields enable providing KSU/USG curricular terminology
– Ability to pull impact, bottleneck, and proposal status reports that can
be exported.
KSU’s Benefits of Using Acalog and
Curriculog Together
• Acalog and Curriculog integration
– Users completing a curriculum proposal to
automatically pull relevant proposal form
fields from acalog into the online proposals
– KSU’s Campus Curriculog/Acalog
Administrator to automatically push
curriculum updates to Acalog and Banner
once final approvals to proposals have
occurred in Curriculog.
Curriculog in Action
Tracked Changes in Curriculog
• Changes are tracked through all steps of the approval process and
can be filtered by user
• All persons involved in the approval process will have the opportunity
to provide input on each proposal
Campus Presentations
• Dean’s Council, April 17
• Faculty Senate Executive Committee,
April 22
• Faculty Senate, April 29
• GPCC, April 24
• UPCC, April 25
• Chairs’ Council, May 8
Implementation Timeline
• Mid-May, 2013: Digital Architecture will have the
Curriculog solution ready for KSU.
• Summer, 2013: KSU’s Curriculog team will test the system.
• August, 2013: Curriculog will be used for graduate courses
and programs.
• August - December, 2013: Training of graduate curriculum
committees and users bringing forth graduate proposals (&
their associated Deans and Department Chairs).
• Late- March, 2014: Curriculog will be used for
undergraduate courses and programs.
• March - December, 2014: Training of undergraduate
curriculum committees and users bringing forth
undergraduate proposals and the remaining academic
Questions or Feedback?
• Email: [email protected]

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