EEN-Chamber_UK Market Event Presentation

The Enterprise Europe Network and
International Trade Services at Cork
Katherine Fitzpatrick
Enterprise Europe Network Manager, Cork Chamber
Over 600 partner organisations in
over 50 countries
Currently in the UK
Network there are 11
consortia comprising 25
business development
The Network’s power lies in connecting all of these people
and organisations
Answered over 300 enquiries this year
Research on trade shows and brokerage events abroad
Trade Missions
Assistance to SMEs participating in B2B matching events
Access to Finance Series – Autumn 2013
(Presentations available at:
Identification of EU funded programmes and projects
Horizon 2020 – Key Account Managers
Business partnership database containing 26,328 company profiles
Commercial, Technology, Research profiles
Currently nearly 2000 UK companies
looking for partners in Ireland
Have your say in Europe!
What do small and medium sized enterprises in Europe
need from future EU policy?
Objective of the consultation: gather feedback and ideas on how the Small
Business Act for Europe should be revised to continue a strong European
policy to support Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and
entrepreneurs in 2015-2020
The deadline for contributions is 15 December 2014
“Bio Scatter Technologies approached the Enterprise Europe Network
(EEN) in Cork Chamber to ask for assistance in identifying potential
business partners and sources of funding for the commercialization
of a new, nano-technology based solution for bio-medical diagnostics
and drug discovery and development.
The Cork EEN helped the company to widen the network of contacts
and to identify some potential partners with invitations to attend
several of their events, including a business brokerage event
(CORKMEET 2013), a technology-specific conference (EURONANO
Forum 2013) and a seminar on private investment, held as part of their
Access to Finance series.
These events have given the company extremely useful information
and several crucial leads to assist with the business development.”
Pierpaolo Porta, Bioscatter Technologies
International Trade Services at Cork Chamber
 Organisation of trade missions and itineraries for Chamber delegations
 Liaison and operational work on maintaining relationships with key
business organisations and stakeholders in Cork’s key twinned cities
(Shanghai and San Francisco)
 Working with local stakeholders to market Cork to incoming and outgoing
trade delegations
 Meeting Embassies and other bi-lateral trade organisations to expand
networks for Cork
Other projects
 Mentoring for Female Entrepreneurs
 Network of Ambassadors for Female
 Info2Innovate
EEN Network –
EEN Ireland –
[email protected]
[email protected]

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