SBA Student Org Information & Tips

Student Bar Association 2014-2015
Important Contacts
Vivian Nava-Schellinger
Director of Admissions and Student Groups
[email protected]
 Cameron Arthur
VP of Finance
[email protected]
 Kellie Manders
VP of Student Leadership
[email protected]
Registering Student Organizations
Step 1:
 Register the student group with the College of Law
Office of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Student Life
 Required
by the College of Law and for SBA Funding
 Need to attach by-laws, mission statement/constitution
 Student Group Authorization Form
Send to Vivian at [email protected]
Registering Student Organizations
Step 2:
 Register the student group with ASU Student Clubs
and Organization Support
 Not
required but highly recommended
 Allows organization to be eligible for GPSA funding
Register the Student Organization with OrgSync
 Click
“Join an Org” and create an account
 Find existing organization and click “Settings” or click
“Register New Organization”
For help, go to Tempe Clubs and Organizations
Register for and attend a Mandatory Info Session
Organization Event Planning
Meet with E-Board and Submit a Projected
Semester Calendar of Events and Budget by
September 3rd (Fall) and January 21st (Spring)
Check for availability of event dates and submit
event on the College of Law Master Calendar
Reserve a room for the event/meeting on the
College of Law Room View Page
For Faculty involvement in events, check with
Vivian ([email protected]) for their
Organization Event Funding
Submit the “Funding Request Form” to VP of Finance
if needing SBA Funding for the Event
 Funds
available on a first-come, first-serve basis
 Co-Sponsoring
 Approved Catering Vendors
 Resources for Student Organizations
GPSA Funding
are due by 7th of the month prior to the event
 Need an Assembly Member to Sponsor Request
 Graduate Student Organization Event Funding
 Requests
SBA Funding Guidelines
Approx. $900 limit per organization per event
 May
award more to organizations that co-sponsor
Food/Catering Budgets
 $2-3
per person for lunch meetings, even with speakers
 $5-7 per person for evening/weekend events
(depending on size of event, number of speakers,
community involvement, etc.)
Limiting approval to 2-3 funded events per day
Fundraising is not required but organizations may be
rewarded with a higher approved budget for utilizing
alternate funding methods
SBA Funding Board Meetings
Fall Semester
August 20th
 Thursday, August 28th
 Thursday, September 25th
 Thursday, October 30th
 Thursday, November 20th
 Wednesday,
Spring Semester
January 29th
 Thursday, February 26th
 Thursday, March 26th
 Thursday,
*All SBA Funding requests are due by 11:59pm on the Monday
before the scheduled Funding Board Meeting
(No Retroactive Approval)
To Get Reimbursed:
 Retain
all receipts
 Have sign in sheet at event for attendees
 Fill out Reimbursement Request Form
 Attach
 Turn
receipts and sign in sheet
in to VP of Finance
Off-Campus Event Insurance
Off-campus events are not covered under ASU
Perform a risk assessment of the event and
determine if there is a need for insurance coverage
Contact ASU Insurance Services
 (480)
 [email protected]
Organization Events Advertising
Submit event to the College of Law Master Calendar
 Events
posted to Master Calendar will be featured on
the SBA Facebook Page
Post announcement on the Daily Disclosure
 Limited
to three (3) posts prior to the event
Post flyers
Table in the Rotunda
 College
of Law Room View Page
Upcoming SBA Events
Dean’s Welcome Back BBQ
August 22nd at 5:30
Daley Park
 Friday,
SBA Tailgating

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