Course Rep Training - University of Surrey`s Student Union

Course Rep
‘the action of speaking or
acting on behalf of someone’
(The Oxford English Dictionary)
What is a COURSE REP
• Official, elected, voice for students studying at the
University of Surrey
How do reps ‘represent’ their peers
• Engage with the staff and tutors
• Be an effective channel for communicating
information between staff and students
• Engaging with the Students’ Union – reflecting views
• Accessible – without student input you have no-one
to represent
• Impartial view point
• Feedback
How do reps ‘represent’ their peers
‘The process’
1. Find out when SSLC meetings are.
2. Notify students and ask for views that need to be
3. Attend SSLC meeting.
4. Feedback to students and USSU.
Connecting with the Union
• Regular feedback
• Sharing information
• Training
Link through VP Education
USSU expectation of you
• Attend relevant meetings
• Consult with your peers on issues related with your course
• Represent your peers at meetings
• Feedback to your peers
• Share issues with fellow reps
• Attend relevant meetings
• Keep in touch with VP Education
YOUR expectation of USSU
• Contact you by week 5 of semester 1 with details of training sessions to
be held. The times and days should be varied allowing all Student
Representatives to attend
• Arrange a means of discussion between all Student Representatives
within a Faculty/Department before each meeting of Faculty Learning
Teaching Committee,
• Ensure that contact details are available for you to contact your Vice
President Education with any queries or problems
• Offer advice and guidance to enable you to represent your students
Moving Forward
Being a Course Rep is like…………………..

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