Let’s Get Social!
How to Put Social Media
to Work for Your Club
District 11 Fall Conference | October 25, 2014
What Is Social Media?
 A way to communicate
 A platform to network with others
 The sharing of information
 A potential time waster
Benefits of Social Media for Your
 Build community and friendship among your
club’s members
 Re-connect with former members
 Connect with other clubs
 Recruit new members
 Share ideas
Using Facebook
 By far and away, the largest social media
platform anywhere.
 Build a Facebook Page or Group for your
 A Facebook Page allows your club to create an
authentic and public presence.
 A Facebook Group is designed for small group
communication and can be public or private.
Using Facebook
 What to do on Facebook
Share club news
Share upcoming agendas
Share photos and videos from club events
Engage your members outside of meetings
Link to articles of interest to your members from
other Web sites
 Celebrate educational milestones
Toastmasters on Facebook
Toastmasters International public page
Toastmasters International members’ page
District 11 members’ page
Using Twitter
 Akin to a virtual postcard
 Limited to 140 characters per post
 Ideas for using Twitter
Post links to blog updates
Connect with existing members
Recruit new members
Connect with other Toastmasters
Toastmasters on Twitter
 Toastmasters International
Using LinkedIn
 Focused on creating a business and
personal network of colleagues
 Can create a group for your club
Toastmasters on LinkedIn
 Toastmasters International
Using a Blog
 Many options available for a blogging
 WordPress
 Tumblr
 Blogger
 Similar to a public magazine or newspaper
 A place to research topics and share ideas
 Allows for longer posts
How to Execute a Social Media
 Coordinated by VP Public Relations,
VP Education, and VP Membership
 Involve all club members
 Write articles for a club blog
 Share and discuss ideas from a variety of
sources (club members, news articles, other
bloggers, etc.)
 Talk about the individual’s Toastmaster journey
 Volunteer to have speeches recorded and
 Practice written communication skills
Take Aways
 Social media helps recruit younger members
 It is available to everyone at no cost
 It’s easy to do
 There are many options; find what is best for
your club
 Start with one platform and build from there
 You don’t have to do it alone
 Don’t be afraid or get overwhelmed
 When you get stumped, ask someone
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