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Talent Management:
Performance and Learning
South Carolina Financial Solutions™, LLC
Member of South Carolina Federal Credit Union’s
family of credit union service organizations (CUSO):
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Optimal Talent Solutions®
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Optimal Talent Solutions®
• Experience
Fully Integrated Talent Management System
• Performance Management
• Learning Management
• Recruiting Management (consulting support)
Why is Talent Management important to the health of small credit unions?
The Health of Small Credit Unions
The industry’s growth is attributed to the nation’s largest credit unions.
“With nearly $716 billion in assets…426 credit unions held nearly 67 percent of
the system’s total assets at year end.”
The average return for small credit unions was negative 16 basis points.
The number of federally insured credit unions continues to decline, “falling
from 6,819 institutions at the end of 2012 to 6,554 at the end of 2013.”
(NCUA Annual Report, 2013, p.9)
Take Control of the Process
43% of surveyed employees
received the same negative
feedback in their 2013
performance reviews as they
did in prior years.
87% left their performance
reviews without a plan for how
to better meet their managers’
Source: Cornerstone LLC
Unengaged Employees
150,000 US workers surveyed (Gallup):
• Only 30% engaged in their work
• 52% NOT engaged
• 18% admit to being completely disengaged at work:
“A permanent case of ‘the Mondays’”
Challenges Facing Managers
• Managers spend nearly 20% of their time
handling/managing poor performers.
• They lack the right tools to identify ‘the disengaged.’
o Performance History
o Training History
o Evaluations
Strengthen Your Organization
Cornerstone has found that employee engagement
impacts organizations in the following ways:
37% lower absenteeism
25% lower turnover
28% less shrinkage
10% higher customer metrics
21% higher productivity
22% higher profitability
Source: Cornerstone, LLC
Benefits of a Talent Management System
• Performance & development
available 24/7
• Improving performance retains
talent and saves time and
• Is an additional benefit to
• Proper documentation helps
protect your credit union from
wrongful termination lawsuits
Talent Management System Best Practices
Performance Management System
• Paige Westbury, VP of Human Resources
Learning Management System
• Margaret Young, VP of Learning & Development
Why Optimal Talent Solutions?
Leverage SCFS’s relationship with Cornerstone for
affordable pricing.
• Cornerstone is 100% organically grown
• 95% client retention rate
All-Inclusive Software
• Goal Setting & Management
• Performance Reviews
• Development Plans
• Skills and Competency Management
• Learning Management
Crissy Ortiz, Executive Director
[email protected]
Bridget Hearn-Simmons, Sales Director
[email protected]

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