the Adjunct Faculty Orientation

Office of the Senior Vice Provost for
Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs
Temple University Today
31st largest public university in the U.S.
Comprehensive research university
Enrolls nearly 40,000 students
17 schools and colleges including Law, Medicine,
Pharmacy, Podiatry, and Dentistry
• 6 architecturally barrier-free Pennsylvania campuses
• International campuses in Tokyo & Rome; educational
programs in China, Israel, Greece, Great Britain and
• 2013 incoming class -- one of the largest, most
academically distinguished and culturally diverse
President Theobald’s Six Commitments
A commitment to affordability
Telling the Temple story
Harnessing the mind to help the city
Research that improves lives
A student body that is as diverse and international as the
real world
• The entrepreneurial spirit: Ready for success
University Officers
William T. Bergman, Vice President and Special Assistant to the
Karen B. Clarke, Vice President for Strategic Marketing and
Kevin Clark, Vice President and Director of Athletics
James Creedon, Senior VP for Construction, Facilities and Operations
Hai-Lung Dai, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
James Dicker, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Michael Gebhardt, Interim University Counsel and Interim Secretary of
the Board of Trustees
Ken Kaiser, VP, CFO and Treasurer
Larry Kaiser, Senior Executive VP for Health Affairs
Kenneth Lawrence, Sr. VP Gvt., Community and Public Affairs
Timothy O’Rourke, Vice President for Computer Services & Financial
Services and Chief Information Officer
Theresa A. Powell, Vice President for Student Affairs
Office of the Senior Vice Provost
for Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs
• Senior Vice Provost Diane Maleson
– [email protected] (215.204.3745)
• Comprised of two departments:
– Faculty Affairs
• Retention, tenure, and promotion; faculty recruitment
and hiring; professional development opportunities;
and more
– Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)
• Located in Tech Center (215.204.8761)
The Teaching & Learning Center
• Provides programs, campus-wide events, departmentspecific workshops, and resources to faculty and graduate
teaching assistants that promote excellent teaching
• Promotes teaching that facilitates student learning and
• Provides opportunities for faculty and teaching assistants to
reflect on their work, and share and learn from their
Adjunct Faculty Handbook
• Handbook includes information on:
– Course syllabi policy (#02.78.13)
– Textbook selection (orders placed at Bookstore)
– Cancelling class
– Class lists
– Class attendance policy
– Grade inflation
– Student resources
– Teaching and learning resources
• Health insurance
– Letters mailed to eligible part time faculty. For more visit
HR Benefits
• Discounted membership to campus recreation facilities on
main campus, Temple athletics tickets and Temple
Performing Arts Center events
• PNC Bank free checking (with direct deposit), online
• Discounted services through TU Alumni Association
• Diamond Dollars - make purchases on campus using your
University ID
Academic Policies & Calendars
• Undergraduate Academic Policies
• Graduate Academic Policies
• Academic Calendars
Safety on Campus
• Weapons on campus prohibited except for Temple
Police/Campus Safety
• Threatening or violent behavior toward anyone is prohibited;
reporting such behavior is required
• Resources:
– Tuttleman Counseling Services
– Referral Guide for Faculty & Staff
– Civility on Campus
Emergency Closings/TU Alert
• The university communicates emergencies:
– TU Ready notification system (registration required)
• Campus closures, cancelled classes and delayed
openings due to severe weather or other
– Temple University homepage
• Review Emergency Communication Policy (# 04.61.01)
Student Conduct Code (university violation #4) on sexual assault
– Any intentional, unconsented touching, threat or attempt
– Unwanted, inappropriate disrobing of another person or
purposeful exposure of one's genitals to another without the
other's consent
– Forcing, or attempting to force, any other person to engage in
sexual activity of any kind without her or his consent
University Sexual Assault Policy (Policy # 04.82.02)
Clery Act: Federal law mandates colleges and universities must
inform parents, students and employees about campus security and
crimes on and around campus - Temple’s daily crime log
Temple Police: 215-204-1234 (for all emergencies including fire)
Responding to Reports
If a student reports an incident of interpersonal violence to you:
Let student know incident must be reported
Encourage student to contact Campus Safety Services
Offer support and assist with (confidential) reporting
Provide specific information to Campus Safety: date, time,
location and type of incident
– Tell student the importance of preserving evidence in the
immediate aftermath of an incident. If possible, ask them not to
shower or launder clothing until they have been checked out at
the hospital and/or by Campus Safety Services, as that may aid
in the investigation
– Inform student of free counseling and support through Tuttleman
Counseling Services, Wellness Resource Center, Student
Health Services and Campus Safety Services
Including Sexual Harassment
• Temple is committed to providing a workplace and educational
environment, programs and activities free of unlawful
discrimination and harassment. This policy does not allow
curtailment or censorship of constitutionally protected expression
• Temple is committed to creating and maintaining an academic and
work environment free of all forms of harassment
• Harassment is a form of discrimination and is based on the same
protected classes as Temple’s non-discrimination statement
• For more information on harassment, visit the Equal Opportunity
Compliance site, under the harassment resources tab
Non Discrimination Policy
• Temple is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all in
every aspect of its operations
• Discrimination is unlawful on the basis of race, color, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, national origin/ancestry, age,
disability, marital status, veteran status, gender identity and
genetic information
• For more information, visit the Office of Equal Opportunity
Compliance site
Conflict of Interest
• Employment of relatives (“nepotism”) and consensual
romantic relationships
– Prohibited within reporting relationships – nepotism and
voluntary relationships
– Includes relationships between administrators and
students where reporting relationship exists
• Relationships between faculty/academic advisors and
students prohibited
• For more information, read the Employee Manual
City of Philadelphia Pregnancy Ordinance
• Compels employers to make reasonable accommodations for
female employees affected by pregnancy (i.e., women who are
pregnant or have medical conditions relating to pregnancy or
childbirth—regardless of whether those employees have been
“disabled” by the pregnancy)
• Identifies a number of possible accommodations that may be
required, including restroom breaks, periodic rest for those whose
jobs require that they stand for long periods of time, special
assistance with manual labor, leave for a period of disability arising
from childbirth, reassignment to a vacant position, and job
• Most significant aspect of the amendment is that it extends
privileges to employees affected by pregnancy that are unavailable
to other employees, including many disabled employees
Privacy and Information Security
• Employees are responsible for treating confidential information with
– Social Security numbers, drivers licenses, financial Information,
– Personally Identifiable Information Guidelines for private and
confidential information
– Report all privacy and security breaches immediately
• Procedure for Reporting and Handling Security and Privacy
• Direct questions to:
– University Counsel
– University Privacy Officer
Computer Services
• Help Desk (215.204.8000) or online
• Located in Tech Center: walk-in support, breakout rooms,
600 workstations
• Wireless Internet in key university locations for access to
TUportal, TUmail, Blackboard and more
• Scheduled maintenance, system outages and security
• Technology training
Communication Tools
• Create and manage your Gmail account
• OwlBox: Temple's primary resource for storing, sharing and
collaborating on files
– Login with your AccessNet username and password at
• Telecom Services
– Telephone, Network, voicemail, Verizon discounts
The Instructional Support Center
• Collaborative space with wide range of technologies to
support instructors and teaching & learning
• One-on-one consultation
• Production Services
– Poster printing
– Audio/Video editing
• Breakout Rooms
– Web conferencing
• Workshops/training: accessibility and inclusiveness of all
course materials as mandated by law
• For more, visit the Center’s website
Welcome to Temple
• You are a valued member of the community of educators
here at Temple
• If you have any questions, please contact the Office of
Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs at
[email protected]

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