2013 Parents Meeting

Board Of Directors
Vice President
Parent Liaison
Spirit Coordinator
Past President
Wes Dobbins
Matt Budine
Christine Bradley
Darlene Everett
Andrea Fogleman
Jennifer DeGraff
Kim Pace
Jeff Gottlieb
1. Provide a positive, fun-filled experience;
2. Teach the participants the skills, rules, strategy and discipline of
football and encourage good sportsmanship, self-confidence and
3. Promote healthy and safe physical activity for all participants;
4. Build character by offering a team experience, regardless of
individual ability, stressing skill development and a positive attitude
regardless of winning or losing;
5. Have Fun!
We encourage excellent academic from our players. We expect
each player to complete their schoolwork and make each practice.
What we are!
Competitive Tackle Football
Volunteer Driven Organization
What we are not!
Recreation League or Pay for Play
We are not affiliated with Oakdale School District
Head Coaches
Pee Wee
Mike Ginger
Wes Dobbins
Jeff Gottlieb
Jason Rowe
Encourage Healthy Diets
Lean Protein and Healthy Carbohydrates
No Junk Foods
No Energy Drinks
 Bring Plenty of Water to Practice
 Hydrate All Day before practice
 Rule of Thumb!
 Body Weight divide by 2 equals the
amount of Water you should consume in
 Coaches will error on the side of caution!
 If the player leaves the Football field during
the game, the player needs a doctors
release to return to practice.
 Any head injury, the player will be removed
from the field and not allowed to return
with out a doctors release.
 Everyone received a copy of the Concussion
Facts Sheet at registration.
Players Expectations!
 100% Effort all the time
 On time to games and practice.
 Practices starts at 6 PM
 We line up at 6 PM
 All player must arrive at the game 2 hours
before the scheduled game time.
 If they miss the weigh in time, they
cannot play that game.
Parents Expectations!
 Parents are not allowed on the practice or
playing field.
 Zero Tolerance on violent or aggressive
 Have Respect for other!
Playing Time!
 Playing Time is earned, not given.
 No minimum play rule!
 At coaches discretions, player may
sit for behavior issues.
 Be Patient!
 1st yr. Player & Players that move up a
level, take time to learn
Volunteer Hours
 6 hours per player
 10 hours per family with more
than 1 player or Cheerleader.
Chain of Command!
 If you have a concern or an issue, discuss it
with the Head Coach.
 If your issue was not resolved the following
are the steps to proceed.
Step 1:Parent Liaison
Step 2:VP of Football or VP of Cheer
Step 3:File the complaint or issue with Board
in writing.
More info
Go to Facebook:
Oakdale Stampede Youth
Football & Cheer

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