this presentation

Pūrakau in culture
theory and practice
Kelly Panapa
Unitec, Learning and Teaching Symposium
October 1, 2012
Te pu
Te more
Te weu
Te aka
Te rea
Te waonui
Te kune
Te whe
Te kore
Te po
Ki nga tangata Maori na Rangi raua
ko Papa
Ko tenei te timatanga o te Ao
The origin
The cause
The single fibre/strand
The long and thin roots of trees or
Spring up, grow/ multiply/ Murmur,
make a low sound
The great forrest
Spring, grow/ swell as pregnancy
The caterpillar and stick insects
The nothingness
The darkness
To the Maori people of Rangi and
This is the beginning of the world
Rangi and Papa
What do we
know about
this great
Maori love
Pūrakau – ‘ancestor lensing’
“attempting to explore, ask , and find
out how our tupuna would have
viewed and treated any activity,
event, and/ or problem. It then falls
on this generation to critique the
timelessness of the solution and to
adapt, if appropriate, the solution for
the contemporary situation. This
gives utility to ancient wisdom while
still making it context appropriate”
(Edwards, 2012, p. 45)
Teacher identity…
O Culturally cognisant
O Valuing diversity
O Utilise ako
O Value
Rangi and Papa in practice

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