Safe Sport: The Club`s Role - A Power Point

USA Swimming Safe Sport
Presentation for LSC Workshop
Elizabeth Hoendervoogt
Safe Sport Coordinator
Safe Sport: The Club’s Role
Creating a culture where any Safe Sport
issues stick out because they are so
inconsistent with the team’s values.
How do we do this?
Safe Sport: The Club’s Role
• Communication
• Early Conflict
• Policies
– Codes of Conduct
– Behavior
– Model Policies
Safe Sport: The Club’s Role
Scenario 1
A mother comes to the Head Coach to report that she has
concerns with the assistant coach, who is a younger coach
and swam with the team as a kid himself. She is worried
about his behavior toward and communication with her 12
year old son.
She reports that she thinks that the coach pays too much
attention to her son, including one on one time outside
the pool and sends a lot of texts which include saying
things like “I love you”.
What do you do?
Scenario 2
A family on your team complains that their daughter is
being bullied by the “Head Girl In Charge”.
The family’s concerns are that the “Head Girl” stole their
daughter’s clothes in the locker room, jumped in the pool,
wrapped her legs around their daughter and peed on her
and spread a rumor that their daughter has large nipples.
What do you do?
Scenario 3
You are the president of the Board of Directors. Three
of your kids have swum for this team and your fourth
and last is a senior looking at schools. The head coach
founded the program 25 years ago. You check the
club’s mail one day and open a letter from a swimmer
who graduated the program 20 years ago. It explains
that the head coach molested him from ages 11-13. He
lists the names of a few other guys he thinks could have
experienced the same thing.
What do you do?
Assistance to you
• From your LSC:
– Provide Resources
– Educational opportunities
– Awareness campaigns
– Connect you with USA Swimming
Assistance to you
• From USA Swimming
– Consultation and Advice
– Training
– Screening and Selection
Contact USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Staff @ 719-866-4669
Susan Woessner
Elizabeth Hoendervoogt
Maggie Vail
Safe Sport: What is to come
• Certified Safe Sport Program
• Web Based Hiring Tool
Elizabeth Hoendervoogt
[email protected]

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