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OntarioMD’s Medical Profile
Viewer (MPV): Enabling EMR Data
to be Viewed by Hospitals
Lessons Learned Report
Matthew Leduc, Project Manager, OntarioMD
May 28, 2013
Real Life Clinical Scenario
A 28 year old woman presents at the Emergency Department
(E.D.) on a Friday night, complaining of low energy and rapid
heart rate. The patient describes herself as healthy and has no
chronic or ongoing health conditions. The E.D. physician
examines her and orders blood work.
Lab results indicate that the patient has severe anemia.
Traditional response:
Admit patient for observation and additional tests, including
blood work and potentially diagnostic imaging.
Response with the MPV:
Look up blood work conducted by family physician a few months
earlier and verify that anemia is chronic. Discharge patient with
instructions to follow up with family physician. Send family
physician discharge summary directly to his EMR via the
Hospital Report Manager (HRM).
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What Will We Cover Today?
1. What is the Medical Profile Viewer (MPV)?
2. What did we learn from this proof of concept?
3. How can we apply these lessons to a broader
provincial initiative?
4. Questions?
What is the Medical Profile Viewer?
Web-enabled application that provides realtime access to a patient’s clinical data in a
primary care provider’s EMR
Medical profile includes commonly retrieved
summary information and detailed reports
Integrates with hospital ADT system to
automatically retrieve patient medical profile
upon registration in the E.D.; additional search
capacity allows retrieval of other patients
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How Do Users Sign In?
What Patient Information is Available?
What About Other Patients?
What is the Summary View of the Patient?
What Comprehensive Information is Available?
Lessons Learned
1. Ease of access is pivotal
2. Access needs to be quick and integrated into
Expand access to the care team
Sharing EMR data is a new concept for some
Data can be an issue
To E.D., or not to E.D.?
Additional ideas from our users
Ease of Access is Pivotal
The number one barrier to adoption is multiple
logins. I would love to regularly use the MPV, but
the barrier for me is the logins.
- RVH E.D. physician
MPV is accessible through a link in Meditech
• Requires separate login credentials
• Requires new patient look-up
Broader Issue: Native system integration is gold
standard. Interim third party solutions to mimic
integration result in varying levels of success
Access Needs to be Quick and Integrated into Workflow
Expand Access to the Care Team
During the proof of concept, MPV access was
strictly limited to E.D. physicians
Existing practice in the paper world relies on
clerical staff to engage family practices to retrieve
patient information
Project imposed hierarchy of information access
where none otherwise existed
My one major suggestion is to allow our clerical
staff to access the MPV so they could get me
investigation or consultations.
- RVH E.D. physician
Sharing EMR Data is a New Concept for Some
Patients are frustrated that we don’t have all their
information. I think [patients] are surprised how
poorly we share information.
- RVH E.D. physician
While Barrie Community Family Health Team
was extremely supportive of MPV initiative:
• Family physician (progress) notes were
excluded from medical profile
• Family physician preference was to share
access exclusively with hospital physicians
Data Can Be an Issue
The few times I did take the time to login into the
MPV I could not easily find the useful information I
needed so I stopped using it.
- RVH E.D. physician
There is a need to encourage family physicians to
input EMR data in a way that makes the
information more useful to other people.
- RVH E.D. physician
Royal Victoria Hospital providers noted that report
identification and filing names were not always clear
and finding relevant results could be difficult
To E.D., or not to E.D.?
I feel the MPV is more beneficial to hospitals and
internists. When a patient presents at the ED, my
job is to decide whether or not to admit a
patient…it is the next doctor who dives into the
patient’s case and therefore benefits from having
access to the patient’s past medical record
- RVH E.D. physician
With the past health and active medications and
treatments information from MPV, I can probably
do the diagnosis before even going to see the
- RVH Hospitalist
Additional Ideas from Our Users:
1. Provide access to additional providers and
support staff
2. Accelerate ability to find specific information in
It would be great if clicking on the green
checkmark on the patient overview page took you
directly to the specific patient information.
- RVH E.D. physician
3. Improve screen layout. Must be designed with
ease of access and speed in mind
More Information?
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• Medical Profile Viewer
• Hospital Report Manager
• EMR Adoption Program
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