Report 1 to Papawai Marae

Ko wai au?
Ko Marama Tuuta taku ingoa.
I te taha o toku koroua, ko Paraikete,
Ko Hemi Matiaha toku Haakoro
Ko Merepani Maika toku Haakui
I te taha o toku kuia, Ko Hine-i-pikitia-ki-te rangi Reiri – Hemi,
Ko Reiri Hamuera toku Haakoro
Ko Makere Hone Himu Reiri toku Haakui
No Mangakuta me Te Whiti raua.
A report to the Marae Trustees
by Marama Tuuta
Ngati Kahungunu Ki Wairarapa –
Tamaki Nui A Rua Trust
Who Are We?
We are the group elected by the various claim communities,
of which Papawai is one, to obtain a mandate from people
of Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa – Tamaki Nui A Rua.
I was elected as the Papawai representative onto the Trust
at a election held here at Papawai
What is our job?
To seek a mandate from the people of Ngati Kahungunu ki WairarapaTamaki Nui A Rua to;
• enter into negotiations with the Crown to ensure a comprehensive settlement of
all historical claims made for breeches against the Treaty of Waitangi
• enter into a Deed of Settlement
• be responsible for seeing the settlement through to completion
• Adhere to te tino rangatiratanga o nga hapu, nga marae and nga whanau katoa of
Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa – Tamaki nui a rua
• Represent their distinct interests and claims within the negotiating team
Ron Mark, Haami Te Whaiti, Hayden Hape, Robyn Potangaroa, Hone Oneroa
Pani Himona, Kahu Pene, Ian Perry, Marama Tuuta, Mark Rutene (alternate)
Absent; Kingi Smiler
Who are the Trustees &
their Alternates?
Papawai – Marama Tuuta
- Malcolm Mulholland
Wairarapa Moana – Kingi Smiler
- Mark Rutene
Ngati Hinewaka – Haami Te Whaiti
- Niniwa Munroe
Hurunui-o-Rangi Marae – Ron Mark - Henare Manaena
Te Oreore – Pani Himona
- Rex Hemi
Ngai Tumupuhia-a-Rangi – Ian Perry - Bob Hill
Te Hika a Papauma – Robin Potangaroa - Tom Wilton
Tamakinui-a Rua – Kahu Pene
- Rangimarie Taite
Tamakinui-a-Rua – Hayden Hape
- Diane
• Akura - Have yet to complete their election process.
Chairperson is Ian Perry
Deputy Chairperson is Myself
Diane Rewi is the Trust Secretary
3 Meetings
1st - Introduction to the Trust members
- Discussing the election process
- Discussing the election of a Chairperson
2nd - Electing a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson
- Land banking the Masterton Hospital surplus land
3rd - Set up teams to work on areas and bring drafts
back to the full Trust Board to discuss amend and/or ratify
- Met with CFRT to hear what they can offer us in terms of
financial and assistance
- Sent a letter to the Kaumatua Council of Wairarapa and
Tamaki Nui a Rua asking them for a representative for the
Make up of the 3 teams are;
Whakapapa Research
- Rawiri Smith, Haami Te Whaiti, Robin Potongaroa,
Kahu Pene, Niniwa Munroe, Hone Oneroa with Teniti Pene
as the scribe
Project Management
- Ron Mark, Charles Morunga, Hayden Hape, Ian Perry,
Marama Tuuta with Diane Rewi as the scribe
- Ian Perry, Rangimarie Taite, Pani Himona , Hayden Hape
Marama Tuuta with Diane Rewi as the scribe.
What do the 3 teams do?
 Team 1; Whakapapa Research Team
That this group research those hapu and Marae that are named in the
Rangitane Mandating Document e.g. Ngati Hamua, Ngati Moe,
 Team 2; Project Management Team
This group is largely involved with meeting the requirements of CFRT so
that we may obtain the funding
Also looking at the employing of a project manager project
 Team 3; Mandating
This group has been focusing on getting the Mandate Strategy and the Trust
Deed signed off by the crown
Crown Forestry Rental Trust
The organisation that takes all unclaimed monies from
Maori forestry interests and invests it
The funds from the interest only are used to fund the
work needed to be done for Treaty claims by iwi
Only those iwi who have forestry interests are eligible
Because Ngamu forest is in our region of interest our Trust
Points of interest;
• The process will take 42 months but probably longer
• To get funding support the Trust needs to meet
certain milestones
• All systems must be robust
• Funding is not retrospective
• Funding is applied for in 6 phases
• Additional funding is also available for mapping and
 We have almost completed negotiating with CFRT to be
their client which means we can get funding for first phase
of the process - Getting the Mandate
We just need the Trustees to read over the contract and give
their tick of approval so that Ian can sign the contract.
 At the moment we have our interim Lawyer looking over
our Mandate Strategy so that it can be signed by the crown.
 Had our first meeting with Rangitane. The second meeting
had to be postponed but it should happen in the next
month or two.
 With your help I hope to report to members of our claimant
community via the Papawai Marae email tree

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