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April 29th - May 3rd, 2015
Forum de
Today’s woman is independent, strong, career - oriented yet feminine,
juggling between family life & assuming her role as a life partner as
well as handling her career. No matter her age, every woman wishes to
stay modern, in shape, healthy and look her best.
In the last decade, Lebanese women have developed into fashion
addicts with a career - oriented majority thus they constitute a
consumer type with high standards expectations in all services and
In today’s economy, all products and services that are related
to women's needs, are considered as one of the largest target
consumer markets in the world.
In the last decade, women have developed important spending habits
in fashion, cosmetics and fragrance products and services.
Boost your sales via a targeted audience of qualified buyers.
Build new business relationships.
Promote brand loyalty through technology displays, hospitality and networking
Boost your brand via product demonstrations, seminars, conferences and
sponsorship opportunities.
Learn more about future industry trends through conferencing opportunities.
Have face-to-face direct exposure to your potential customers which give your
audience the opportunity to see, touch, smell or try your products before buying.
Check and evaluate your competition.
Promote your products; find sales agents or distributors in new markets.
Clothing retailers
Fashion designers
Image consultants
Swimming suits
Beauty Products & Services
Jewelry designers
Hotels, spas and massage
Health clubs
Health clinics
Nutrition professionals
Sports wear & accessories
Nail technicians
Makeup artists
Hair professionals
Fragrance vendors
Financial Products
Health & Lifestyle
Wellness Products
& Services
Financial beauty packages
offered by banks
Banks products for women
Clinical makeover
Esthetic makeover
Automotive products
The Venue
Woman’s World exhibition 2015 will be held at Forum de Beyrouth,
Lebanon’s most prestigious and unique exhibition hall with a solid
reputation in the MENA region.
Founded in 1995, this multipurpose center is designed and equipped to
host, various types of international and local events throughout the year
such as trade shows, concerts, gatherings, musicals, exhibitions, theatre
plays and many more.
Fashion shows
Artistic show(s) featuring a local celebrity
Live entertainment stage shows.
Woman interested in the Beauty & Health
nutrition products.
High standard consumers targeting quality
products and services.
The Woman’s World Exhibition 2015 will be covered by an extensive advertising campaign
utilizing all traditional and non-traditional media along with social networks, spurring a
nationwide media buzz to emphasize the importance of the event and obtain massive
Advertising campaign will be launched through:
A leading TV Station
Online media
Social Media
Led screen display
Walking billboards for outdoor media
Woman’s World exhibition 2015 will be holding its first edition in a unique,
and one of a kind beauty and glamour event, the ultimate meeting place for
all beauty and wellbeing industry professionals and lovers.
Taking place from April 29th to 3rd of May, 2015 this 5-day festive spirit event
will witness ongoing activities while exposing the latest international beauty
and health trends. Addressing a feminine public and more specifically the
Lebanese modern women, the event will cover the area of beauty, wellbeing,
fashion, health and all related services and products with the active
participation of a number of prominent professionals and exhibitors.
Woman’s World is not to be missed as it is a one stop shopping
platform to all women’s products and services as well as a
perfect place to expose your brands and launch your new
The date of the exhibition and its theme along with a
comprehensive advertising campaign will create such a synergy
that will make of this exhibition the best podium for your
Forum de Beyrouth
01 584 584 / 03 501 222
[email protected]

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