Office Location
 202 Regina St.
 1st floor
 Walk in from Regina St, turn right, then left.
 ½ way down long corridor, Women and Gender
Studies/Archaeology and Classics Office
 Walk in—see Faith McCord, administrative assistant’s
office in front of you
 To the right, the faculty offices: CAS and full-time
Ms. Faith McCord
Administrative Assistant
 Contact for Program information
 [email protected]
Dr. Andrea Brown
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Program Coordinator
July 2013-July 2014
(includes duties as Undergraduate Officer, i.e.
Academic Advising)
Program Coordinator
Consult for
- academic advising in WS specifically;
- if you are pursuing a major or a minor and in a class
think could be a WS class—contact and bring syllabus;
- information about applying to grad school;
-any issues or concerns re program, classes, etc. after you
have spoken with and met with instructor;
- ideas for events, other elements of Program.
Dr. Shahnaz Khan
(1 of 3 full-time profs in the Program)
Cross-appointed in WS and Global Studies
Dr. Margaret Toye
Associate Professor
(1 of 3 full-time profs in the Program)
Dr. Robert Diaz
Assistant Professor
(1 of 3 full-time profs in the Program)
Karen Stote
 Full-time (1 year LTA)
 Winter 2014
WS290 Indigenous Women in Canada
WS301j Environmental (In)Justice
Full time members from other
faculties or departments who
teach in our program
 Dr. Ginette Lafrenière,
Faculty of Social Work Program
Member of WS Coordinating Committee
WS306 Women and Social Justice
WS209 Women and Leadership
Joanne Oud
 Librarian for WS
 Member of Coordinating Committee
CAS instructors,
many of whom teach multiple
courses, for many years,
central to our Program
Dr. Helen Ramirez
Professor Lorraine
Vander Hoef
Dr. Bianca Rus
Professor Holly Baines
Chris Klassen
Christopher O’Shea
Suvadip Sinha
WS Program Committee
 All full-time members of the Program
 Full-time members who teach in our Program
 Members at Large: full-time members from within
Arts and other Faculties
CAS representative
Student representatives: majors
CWT* student representative
WS Student Reps for 2013-14
Priscilla Jarvis
Jan Boomhouwer
Majoring or Minoring in WS
 Requirements
 Degree requirement worksheets
Note: please check out requirements!
Many people think can’t do a minor and find out have already
fulfilled requirements
Many people pursuing a minor find out have almost done a
combined major—with a bit of planning, could complete it
WS Combined Honours
 Need to declare a major in both WS AND in another
discipline. Common combinations include: Sociology,
English, Cultural Studies, Global Studies,
Communication Studies.
 Others : Anthropology, History, Psychology,
Philosophy, Religion and Culture
- Some have even, as they planned well, declared one or
two minors on top of the combined major (approved
courses help!)
Combined honours = 20.0 credits
WS requirement
= 7.0 credits
WS100 (Intro)
WS303 (Feminist Theory)
0.5 WS credit at 3rd year level
0.5 WS credits (x 2)(2nd y. or higher)
_____ _____
WS490 (or WS400)
4.0 credits in WS or approved courses
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
(prerequisites for approved: your responsibility to take or get
permission to waive them: seek from department)
Don’t forget that courses can “double count” for both majors
At graduation: 5.0 GPA in all courses + 7.0 GPA in WS
Minor in WS
= 3.0 credits
 WS100 (Intro)
 0.5 WS credits (x 2)(2nd y. or higher) _____ _____
 1.5 credits in WS or approved courses
_____ _____ _____
4.5 in WS courses required
Minor not available for General Degrees
WS Courses: Winter 2014
WS100 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
(classroom and online)
WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture (classroom)
WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture (online)
WS204 Women, Gender and Work (online)
WS209 Women and Leadership
WS290c Indigenous Women in Canada
WS301j Environmental (In)Justice
WS305 Gender, Culture and Technology
WS308 Gender, Cinema and the Third World
WS490f Queerness and the Global City
Summer courses TBA
WS Courses: Fall/Winter 2013/14
Proposed Schedule
A list of all WS courses follows.
Those planned for Fall/Winter 2014/15
are marked with a *
(subsequent to Dean’s and budgetary approval)
* WS100 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
- Multiple sections every fall and winter terms
- Online version offered every term
*WS201 Gender, Subjectivity and Resistance
WS202 Women and Gender Relations in Canada
*WS203 Girls, Women and Popular Culture (classroom and
WS204 Women, Gender and Work (classroom)
*WS204 Women, Gender and Work (online)
WS205 Women, Gender and Visual Culture
*WS208 Violence Against Women
*WS209 Women and Leadership
*WS210 Introduction to Feminist Thought and Action
WS211 Diverse Masculinities (developing for online->look for
it Winter 2015)
*WS212 Food and Feminism (new)
2nd year course in development for near future:
- Introduction to LGBTQ theories
*WS301k Special Topics (topic TBA)
*WS303 Feminist Theory
*WS304 Gender and Colonial Legacies
WS305 Gender, Culture and Technology
*WS306 Women and Social Justice
*WS307 Gender and Social Politics in Contemporary Muslim
WS308 Gender, Cinema and the Third World
* WS310 Transnational Sexualities
WS390 Directed Studies
WS400 Independent Research
*WS490 Advanced Topics in Women and Gender Studies
(topic TBA)
Current Approved Courses
AN341 - Kinship, Marriage and Gender CL218 - Women in
Greece and Rome CL319 - Gender and Sexuality in the
Ancient World
CS 322- Gender, Communication and Culture EN221 Women and Print Culture EN225 - The Woman Writer:
Theory and Practice EN226 - Women in Fiction
EN324 - Canadian Women's Writing
EN325 - Feminist Theory and Cultural Practice: Fiction by
Minority Women
FS 346- Film Theory and Gender
FS 362- Gender and Film
GG273 - Geographies of Health and Disease
GG373 - Landscapes and Identities
GS231- War and Conflict: An Introduction
HI271 - Survey of European Women's/Gender History
HI326 - History of Gender Roles from the Industrial
Revolution to the Present
HI372 - Colonial and U.S. Women, 1607-1869
ID207 - Indigenous Women
MU274- Women and Music
PP219 - Feminist Philosophy
PP249 - Philosophy and Gender
PO320 - Women, Gender and Politics
PS287 - Psychology of Gender
RE224 - Gendering the Divine
RE285 - Religion and Culture of the African Diaspora
RE372 - Women's Lives and Religious Values
RE 377: Gender and Islam
RE380/SY380 - Religion and Social Change
SY201* - Sociology of Families (full credit)
SY210 - Social Inequality
SY233 – Sociology of Women
SY334 - Sociology of Gender
SY338– Women and Development
Other possible approved courses
 Any other classes you find yourself in, and +50% of
assigned readings are on women/gender studies material
and allowed to write assignments from feminist perspective
->>inquire of coordinator and bring syllabus-> may get 1
time approval
 Courses at other universities: eg. UW’s Women’s Studies or
Sexuality, Marriage and Family Studies Programs, or at
other universities in Canada or online (eg. Athabasca
online University) or International Universities
(recommended: get approval from Program Coordinator IN

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