Pointers for Bullying PowerPoint Presentation

Preventing Bullying and Harassment
Presented by:
Jim Jelinske M.S.
Creative Education Services
No Child Should
Be Afraid to go to
Put your hand out look them in the eye
and say “Stop!
Walk away, laugh, find a friend, report
If after you say stop and they do not,
report to a trusted adult
Culture of Violence
• Juvenile crime is up
3 million violent crimes are happening annually at or near schools
• 29 million physical attacks happen each year by older siblings on younger
brothers and sisters
* Over
19 million of those attacks would have been classified as assaults had
they happened outside the home
50% of all married women will experience some form of violence from their
partners during their marriage
(Perry, 2006)
Concepts Of A Whole School Approach
All systems are involved
The main goal is climate change
Focus on changing silent majority
to caring majority
Introduce a common vocabulary to
be used system wide
Defining Bullying
Bullying in it’s truest form is comprised of
a series of _________
intentionally and ____________cruel
incidents, involving the same victim(s).
Bullying is an imbalance of
Psychological Bullying Behaviors
Rejection and exclusion
Humiliation and embarrassment
Gossiping and spreading rumors
Breaking basic rules of friendship
Intimidation through threats
How do you deal with these issues?
Common Language used to prevent bullying
We don’t do that
Harassment Clarification
Name Calling
Ethnic Slur
Sexual Comments/Inappropriate Jokes
We believe
Every human being, without
has the right to be treated with
dignity and respect.
Adult Myths and Misperceptions
Ignore it
Hit them back
Stand up for yourself
I’m sure it was just a joke
Don’t worry you’ll get over it
It’s no big deal
You know how boys are
Did they deserve it?
Only weak people are bullied
That would never happen here
Cyber Bullying Prevention
Don’t give out private information: Passwords, phone
number, address, friends or family names
Be careful in exchanging pictures
Don’t send messages when your angry
Online conversations are not always private
Teaching Targets of Bullying
Don’t fight back
Have a plan
Don’t isolate yourself
Use Confidential Reporting
Take threats seriously

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