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How to clone a cow
Cow A
KS3/4 activity
Paradise 2 was born.
She was made from the
DNA of Paradise. She
was a clone of Paradise.
The ear cell and the
enucleated egg were
fused together with
The nucleus was sucked
out of the egg (the egg
is now enucleated).
Paradise (the
cow we want
to clone)
Paradise 2 cloned calf
The embryo was
implanted into the uterus
of cow A.
Cell division happened
several times until an
embryo was formed.
Cow A
An egg was taken from
the ovary of cow A.
Cut out and stick the above picture
into your book. Now cut out and
put the process of cloning a cow in
the correct order using the picture
to help you. Then stick the process
in your book.
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A cell was taken from
the ear of Paradise.
Now an egg has been
made that contains the
DNA from sheep B.
KS3/4 activity
Animal Cloning - Right or Wrong?
Cloning is possibly the most important new technology to be
discovered in your lifetime. Scientists are now able to clone animals
including humans (although they are not allowed to). But just
because animal cloning is possible does this mean that it is right?
Use this activity to assess what YOU think about cloning. Do not
discuss your answers with anyone else.
Is is ok to:
Use the DNA from extinct animals to bring
them back to life?
Use clones of humans to use for body parts for
human organ transplants?
Use cloning to duplicate a child that is dying of
a terminal illness?
Clone chickens that lay lots of eggs? (a quicker
version of selective breeding)
Use cloning to recreate a dead relative?
Use cloning to create a child for a single-sex or
infertile couple? (The child would be a clone of
one of its parents).
You will need to think about how each scenario would affect life on
Earth as well as how it would affect the clone.
Some questions to think about:
Would human clones have the same rights as everyone else?
Is it right for humans to use animals however they want?
It is human’s fault that some animals are extinct, shouldn’t we use
our technology to bring them back?
Is its everyone’s right to have a child?
Could cloning bring an end to world hunger?
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