Extended Essay

The Extended Essay is an in-depth study of a focused
topic chosen from the list of approved Diploma
Programme subjects.
It provides students with an opportunity to engage in
personal research in a topic of his or her choice,
under the guidance of a supervisor (a teacher in the
This is NOT a personal project. This is not about a
passion, rather about an ACADEMIC curiosity.
It is intended to promote high-level research and writing skills,
intellectual discovery and creativity.
College-bound students often struggle with writing interesting
admissions essays that could separate them from other
applicants with similar grades and standardized test scores. The
Extended Essay is an ideal opportunity to enter into the
recursive writing process required to write an outstanding
college admissions essay.
It provides students with the opportunity to learn how to
construct a major piece of structured writing, which ideas and
findings are communicated in a reasoned and coherent manner,
appropriate to the subject chosen. This skill is one that will
most likely be required when students enter college or the
Approved for All
Diploma Programme
 Language A or B
 History
 Biology
 Chemistry
 Physics
 Math
 Visual Arts
Personal Approval required: These will be considered after a formal
meeting with Extended Essay Coordinator, Diploma Programme
Coordinator and parents. Please note that these will likely not be approved
unless the student has taken or is currently enrolled in a class that actively
supports the academic background required to complete this essay:
Business & Management
Classical Greek & Latin
Computer Science
Design Technology
Environmental Systems & Societies 
Human Rights
Literature & Performance
Peace & Conflict Studies
Sports, Exercise & Health
World Studies
Social & Cultural Anthropology
World Religions
a piece of independent research on a topic chosen by
the student in cooperation with a supervisor in the
chosen from the list of approved Diploma Programme
presented as a formal piece of scholarship containing
no more than 4,000 words.
the result of approximately 40 hours of work by the
the student must meet all required deadlines set by
the EE team (refer to EE packet).
It is not a report-card grade; however, it is a
Diploma Programme requirement.
The students are assessed using a rubric with 11
criteria (refer to EE packet)
The Extended Essay will be sent out to be assessed
externally by experts in the field.
Students will meet with the Extended Essay
Coordinator bi-weekly during advisory to discuss
processes and upcoming deadlines.
Students will upload documents via Managebac.com
where supervisors can communicate with the
students about progress, revisions, and questions.
(students will receive training on this)
Because this is an independent requirement of the
Diploma Programme, class time will not be given to
work on this. All research and writing should take
place outside of school.
EE Coordinator:
Lia Martel/Matthew
DP Coordinator:
Matthew Reid
Matthew Reid
Courtney Coady
Bonnie Estes
Esther Thornhill
Kim DiDomenico
Merrilynne Henderson
Sarah Hawkins
Cam Downing
Jill Parker
Jill Hartle
Sam Lawing
John Tate
Lia Martel
Other teachers as needed
What Questions do you still have?
Please feel free to email me with any
questions or concerns you have
[email protected]
Or Call me at school, or on my Cell:
◦ School: 704-528-4536
◦ Cell:704-902-5221

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