Overtime Air Request Website (CWEB)

Overtime Air
Request Website
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View Past overtime air requests history
View Current overtime air requests
View Future overtime air requests
Submit New overtime air requests
Change your password
Home Page
Once you sign into the site, you will see the Home page for 600
& 601 Travis, as shown below. Please note that besides the
Home tab, there are three other tabs along the top of the
window, Schedule, Preferences, and Logout.
Submit a new overtime air request:
• Towards the top of the window, next to the Home tab, you
will notice another tab named Schedule, shown below.
• Mark the check boxes for the appropriate suite number.
• Click on the actual suite number to process the request.
Click the check
box to schedule
multiple units. We
are choosing both
Suite 300 North &
South for this
When the appropriate suite
numbers have been chosen, click
on one of the suite numbers to
Submit a new request (continued…)
•Select the Date, Start Time, and Length of Time.
•Use the Notes box to list explanations or for bill back purposes.
•Click Schedule Overtime to confirm request.
To make a request repeating:
Click on the calendar to choose
the date in the calendar view.
Click Make Repeating.
List the numbers of times for
the request to repeat.
Mark the days this request
will repeat.
Please note that Number of times to repeat
is not weeks, but individual days.
For example, for this request will repeat
two more times, on the next two nights.
Submit a new request (continued…)
• Next, Confirm your request.
• If there is an error, press back to make a change.
Please review all of the
information carefully
before confirming.
Request submitted
• Last, the confirmation page will appear. The requests will turn
green as they are programmed.
• It is important not to navigate away from this page until
complete or the request will not be scheduled.
• Now your request is complete!
Upcoming Overtimes Report:
After a request has been scheduled, it can be viewed from the
Upcoming Overtimes page, which is found on the home page
(along with the Current and Past Overtime request pages).
Upcoming, Current, & Future Overtime Request Reports:
For each request, all of the Upcoming, Current, and Future Overtime request
pages, list the:
Person who requested the air
Start & End time
Suite number
Amount billed
All three Overtime Air Requests that have been placed for your company will be
shown on these three reports, including those placed with Security
All of the reports can easily be printed to a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or a Text file,
with the option on each page.
Past Overtimes Report:
The Past Overtimes section, shown below, lists all of the past
overtime air requests in full detail within a company, with the
ability print to a PDF, Excel spreadsheet or a Text file.
Change Your Password:
The Preferences tab allows you to change your password, update your general
settings, color scheme and personal information. After making adjustments
click remember to save the changes with the appropriate save button.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I am having problems getting to the Web form?
Confirm that the problem is not a general problem accessing the internet (if so, contact your IT department). If the problem is isolated to
the Overtime Air Web Pages please contact the management office.
Overtime AC Requests•
What if my request needs to start immediately?
You’re able to start the overtime air immediately, by pressing the Now button when selecting the time of your request.
How do I know my request was received and programmed by the Property management office?
Once the confirmation screen turned every single request green, then request has been received and programmed directly into the air
conditioning unit on that specific floor.
What if I have more than one work request at a time?
If it is a repeating request, then please use the repeat feature. However, if anything differs between the requests (location, duration, start
& end times), then please enter in each work request separately. This will ensure that your request is programmed correctly.
What if I have a question about my request after I submitted it?
Please use the Upcoming, Current, and Future Overtime request pages as a review of the requests that have been submitted for your
company. If you need further assistance, please contact the management office with questions about your request.
How do I place an Overtime Air Request after hours?
Please use the web form like normal. If access to the internet is hindered, please contact building security to place the request in your
What if I do not have a login for the website?
Please contact the property management office, and after we verify with your company that you have permission to program overtime air
requests, we will create a login for you.

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