DX-Central Air Conditioning Systems

DX-Central Air Conditioning Systems
Smart,Flexible & Efficient Alternate for Malls and Commercial Buildings
DX-Central System
Basic Air Conditioning setup with refrigerant directly picking the
heat and rejecting it through a central unit .
Indoor Unit,Water as heat rejection medium and cooling tower or
large Central radiator
Cooling Tower
Expansion Tank
Pump Set 1
Pump Set 2
Building Installation Scheme.
Cluster free
Easy maintenenace
I am Happy with a Chiller. Why look at this
option ?
CUBE Systems offer
• Increased floor space which is the costing index for lease rent in commercial
• Reduces high initial investment to kick start and handover the building.
• Allows expansions and phase wise building schedules.
• Allows flexibility in large projects with intermittent fund flow patterns.
• Answers the question on CAM charges by tenant and constant concern of tenant
about his usage/usage pattern versus charges billed to him as compared to others.
• Minimises the rising AMC costs for the investor for providing Air Conditioning in his
• Provides tenants with more autonomy and right to control his AC expenditure
• Answers Investor’s query on how do i bill each tenant seperately for his AC load
• Space Saving
• Energy Saving
• Green Rerigerant Compliant
• Individual Metering
• Flexibility
• Reduced Maintenance
• Failure Diversity
• Easy Field Installation.No Ref Piping or Leakge Possibilities,Insulation Free
Water Pipes etc.
CUBE Ceiling and Floor, Self Contained,
Ducted Packaged Units
No Outdoor Units
Plug & Play
No onsite Refrigerant Piping & Charging
Microprocessor Controlled
Selfdiagnostic Thermostat
Wireless Remote
Higher Static Pressure for Long Ducts
Compact and Low noise
Acoutically Lined Fan & Comp. Chambers
Heating & Cooling Version
2 Year Standard Warranty
Ask for matching Cooling Tower, Radiator & Plate Heat Exchanger
• Features at
- Be Smart
- Save Money
- Conserve Energy
- Go Green
CUBE DX-Central Air Conditioning Systems
Business Partners for India : CANI Merchandising Pvt Ltd.

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