Discuss the power science and technology wields in the modern

A WRAITEC Approach
 What
is the definition of science and
Science: (knowledge from) the systematic study
of the structure and behaviour of the physical
world, especially by watching, measuring and
doing experiments, and the development of
theories to describe the results of these activities
Technology: (the study and knowledge of) the
practical, especially industrial, use of scientific
Both are symbiotic and closely intertwined
 What
advantages and disadvantages are
there with science and technology?
 Advantages:
Extend life (genetic engineering)
Make life easier or more productive (machines,
Improve quality of life (transport, daily
 Disadvantages:
Make life too easy, promote laziness
Become too reliant on computers etc.
 What
is the “future” or possibilities of
science and tech ? (How far is the
~20 years later like how robots in “I, Robot”
control the daily lives of people
Since some of the examples in Bladerunner has already
materialized nowadays
Improve current developments
To an extent that those ideas of sci-fi writers are
 Why
is Science and Technology important in
our daily lives?
We cannot live without them. For example,
students nowadays cannot do their homework
and assignments without a computer.
 Why
is it that Science and Technology is able
to hold power over Man?
The advantages and benefits that science and
tech can give Man are too good that Man simply
cannot afford to go back to a primitive way of
 Are
we assuming that Science and Technology
would evolve increasingly with time?
If Science and Technology continue to increase
with time, then does
that mean that the power that Science and
Technology holds over us
continue to increase? According to the Time
magazine, there are
differing views on this issue, but if it were true,
then a situation
known as singularity would exist, where the
advancement of technology
would be so advanced that it ruptures the
existing human civilisation.
 Are
we assuming that Mankind is able to
preserve control over Science and
Technology, or will Science and Technology
control Mankind eventually?
Science and Technology are primarily for the
purpose to improve
living standards and human life. However, as
reflected in several
Science Fiction movies such as "Bladerunner",
there is a possibility
that Science and Technology might overtake
Mankind. Here, Man wants to
be in control, but it could be his inventions that
control him in the
 What
can we infer from the advancement of
Science and Technology over Mankind and its
increasing power?
Technology exercises more power over us, in
more aspects of our
otherwise normal life.
The species of Man is improving
Man is being more dependent on Science and
Technology, and hence
sees the need to further improve technology.
 What
are the implications of the
advancement of Science and Technology?
Depending on the assumptions, there are
different outcomes:
1. If Science and Technology is able to
help Man, then Man would be
free from mundane tasks. But there might be
adverse impacts such as
Man being over-dependent on technology.
2. Man might be in control and his
inventions would backfire.5
 Is
it true that Man is overly-dependent on
Science and Technology?
This is true for most of the time.
For example, the computer is needed for many
kinds of work, due to the abundance of online
Students, under the stress of producing a good
piece of assignment and a tight deadline, would
resort to researching for online resources to
complete his work.
This shows the over-dependency of students on
Science and Tech.
 What
examples are there to show that
Science and Technology holds power in the
Modern world?
The creation of social network such as Facebook
connects people with different nationality, races
and religion from all over the world. The
distance between people is therefore shortened.
When something happens, people from another
side of the world can know it within minutes due
to the media.
 While
it may seem that everyone is
dependent on science and technology, there
are people who do not have access to such
privileges yet do not quite suffer
“Old school conservatives” [Generation Xs]
The world of Science and Technology was not
something they were born into but the
insurgence only came during their lives, hence
they are not that dependent
Foo Tze Han [07]
Joshua Lim [12]
Tay Jia Shin [17]
Yu Sheng Jie [20]

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