S6 PSE Personal Statements

S6 PSE Writing a CV
Learning Intentions
Gain an understanding of what CV is and
what it’s purpose is
To complete a CV so that it can be used for
applying for jobs
I.McNair Sept 12
What is a CV?
In Groups of about 4
Discuss what is a CV and what is its
(5 mins)
Through feedback from the whole
class create a list of what you think
the the purpose of a CV is
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal details
Full name – as on your passport (and
what you are known as)
I.e. If your name is Jennifer you might
prefer to be called Jenny
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal details
Address (with postcode)
Telephone number
Home and Mobile
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal details
Email address
Don’t use an embarrassing email address,
[email protected]….com
[email protected]…com
[email protected]….com
Use one that has your name in it!
[email protected]…co.uk etc
What you write on your CV sends out a message about you. Including
your Email address !!!!
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal details
In groups, discuss your email address
to see if it is suitable.
(NB you don’t have to tell the group
your full email address just the start of
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal details
A great tennis career is something that
a 15-year-old normally doesn't have. I
hope my example helps other teens
believe they can accomplish things
they never thought possible.
Maria Sharapova
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal details
You no longer need to include
your date of birth, owing to
age discrimination rules
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Personal Statement
A small paragraph ensuring that it answers the two
following questions:
‘why do you want to work in this industry?’
‘What skills do you have that make you suited to this
Avoid phrases like “I am hard-working… … energetic…
…ambitious,” anybody can say this, make your personal
statement specific to you.
A shortend version of your college university personal
Make this section relevant to the job you are applying for
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Name and address of all your
secondary schools
(You never know - a former pupil
might be reading your CV)
S6 PSE Writing a CV
All your qualifications:
Standard Grades
Any other qualifications you have
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Work Experience
List any work experience you have
in a shop
•Paper Round (name of news agent)
•S4 Work experience
With name and address of company
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Key Skills
Try to concentrate on Non school skills however
include things like:
Youth Groups – Scouts Guides
Sporting activities
Business interests
Musical instruments
IT Skills … All of these are relevant.
Link in basic skills such as good communicator,
organisational skills etc
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Hobbies and Interests
Employers are interested in what you get up to you in
your spare time.
Sporting Interests (not what football team you
Films - Regular Cinema
Socialising – Concerts etc not night clubs
Travelling – countries you like visitng
Live Music - perfoming or listening
Reading – Ficton types
Computer Gaming – Be careful not to mention
games that offend others
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Most employers want two references
Many school leavers use teachers
Supervisor from their work experience.
Clearly list the name, relationship and contact
details of your reference and be sure to ask
permission, they are likely to get a phone call.
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Speculative Applications
You can use a CV to write to companies on the off-chance that
they might have a job vacancy.
 Include
a short, covering letter explaining the sort of job you’re
looking for and asking the employer to contact you if a suitable
vacancy arises.
 Try to get the name of the right person to write to, by telephoning
the company first. If you can’t send your letter to the Personal
Manager or Human Resources Manager.
 Include a stamped, addressed envelope.
 Follow up your letter with a polite telephone call if you don’t get a
 Keep a record of names and dates contacted, so you know what to
S6 PSE Writing a CV
Speculative Applications
Next Week
Top tips
on CV’s
Due: Monday 30th Sept
Compile and right a CV
If required use the template
on the School Web site.

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