Passive Thermal Systems: Phoenix AZ

Passive Thermal Systems:
Climatic Response
Phoenix, AZ
The glass box!
No protection from solar gain
Instantaneous thermal shift
Hermetically sealed…Does not breath
Extremely energy intensive for HVAC
Vernacular Precedents of the
American Southwest
San Esteban Del Rey Mission Church,
Sky City Pueblo, Acoma, NM
Taos Pueblo, NM
Modern Icon
Taliesen West
Scottsdale, AZ
Frank Lloyd Wright, 1937
Earthships (Corner Cottage)
Taos, NM
Biosphere 2
Oracle, AZ 1989
AIA Climate Zones
Hot dry summers
Moderately cool winters
Annual sunshine: 85%
Diurnal temperature
swings are very large
• Annual Precipitation: 7 in.
• April-June are driest
• August is wettest (1 in.)
Climate—Design Priorities
• Keep hot temperatures
out during summer
• Protect from summer
• Use evaporative cooling
in the summer.
• Use thermal mass to
reduce day-to-night
temperature swings
during summer.
ASU College of Nursing,
Phoenix, AZ
Smith Group, 2009
Design Priorities
• Keep the heat in and
cool temperatures out
during the winter.
• Let the winter sun in.
• Use natural ventilation
to cool in spring and
Sandra Day O’Connor Courthouse
Phoenix, AZ
Richard Meier with Norman
Foster & Partners, 2000
Passive Systems Selection
Lechner, p. 108
Basic Climate
Lechner p.109
Burton Barr Public Library
Phoenix, AZ
Wil Bruder, 1995
- Thermal Mass
- Sun Control
- Passive Ventilation
Cesar Chavez Library
Phoenix, AZ
Line and Space LLC, 2007
Desert Broom Branch Library
Phoenix, AZ
Richard + Bauer, 2011
Tempe Transportation Center
Tempe, AZ
OTAK and Architekton, 2008
- Cool Roof
- Sun Control
Desert Living Center
Las Vegas Spring Preserve
Lucchesi Galati Architects, 2007
- Rammed Earth
- Straw Bale
- Cooling Towers
- Protection from sun
High Desert Pavilion
Bend, OR
Pique Collaborative, 2008
- Rammed Earth
- Earth Contact Architecture
- Protection from sun
Underground House in High Desert
Sonoran Desert, AZ
Rick Joy, 2008
Desert Wing House
Scottsdale, AZ
Brent Kindle, 2010
- Thermal Mass
- Protect from sun
- Diurnal Temperature
Rimrock Ranch
Pioneertown, CA
Lloyd Russell
- Cool Roof
- Protect from summer sun
- Natural ventilation
Think outside the (glass) box!
Tempe City Hall
Tempe, AZ
Michael and Kemper Goodwin, Ltd., 1971

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