New Innovations

New Innovations
Using portfolio features to meet
ACGME common program
New Innovations: Portfolio
• How many are using the Portfolio function of
New Innovations?
• Semi – Annual Reviews?
• Scholarly activity tracking?
– Research?
– Quality Improvement Project?
• Journals?
ACGME Common Requirements:
How do you meet these?
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ACGME Expectation: Self assessment
and reflection
• Site visitors may verify
– IV.A.5.c)
• How to document?
– Check a box?
But…the PIF is going away!
Enter the “MILESTONES”
• The documentation
will not be going
New Innovations:
Goals &
1. Access
Journal functions
2. Track
ACGME Common Program
3. Implement
"Portfolio - Journal"
Functional element of resident
Semi Annual Review
New Innovations Portfolio
How I use this:
• ACGME Common Program Requirements
– “Practice Based Learning and Improvement”
– “Scholarly Activity”
– “Quality Improvement Project”
– “Learning Portfolio”
– “Practice Based Learning and Improvement”
• Self – Directed Learning
Okay. This is not going away
So where do we start?
Goals &
1. Access
Journal functions
2. Track
ACGME Common Program
3. Implement
"Portfolio - Journal"
Functional element of resident
Semi Annual Review
Objective 1:
Access Portfolio
• New
Portfolio 
Getting There:
• Step by Step
• Start with “Journal”
• Journal Assignment
Start at the “Main” page of NI
Go to
tab (left)
This will take you to the
“Portfolio” page
Main “Portfolio” page
Three folder tabs on this
Reviews (LEFT)
Scholarly Activity (CENTER)
Journals (RIGHT)
Focus of today is the
“JOURNALS” functions on
this page
Start by Clicking the Tab:
New Journal Assignment
This will take you to the
“New Journal Assignment”
Objective 1 - complete
• That was easy, right?
Objective 2:
Start Tracking
• Use of Journal Assignment for ACGME
• Documentation…
Journal: Tracking functions
• Strength/Weakness self reflection
Documentation of
• Learning plan documentation
ACGME common
program requirements • Learning activity
Longitudinal tracking
of specific
• Inservice examination goals
• Self Directed educational goals
• Career plan and mentors
Semi-Annual Review
• “Checklist” of items to discuss at face to face
• Reduces the [PD] burden of preparation
Steps of Entering Journal Assignment
• 1. Select a title
• 2. Write the “Assignment
• 3. Select “People” for the
• 4. Set deadline
• 5. Select “Reviewers”
• Selecting the title:
– I use as part of semi-annual
– Title: “Semi-Annual
Review: AY 2012-2013 (#1)
Step 1. Journal Entry Title (example)
Step 2: Assignment Instructions
• Variety of entry options
• Tailor to your needs
• At a minimum:
– Include some documentation of
The Journal Assignment: Ideas
Write questions
to meet the
• Strength/Weakness identification
• Learning and improvement goals
• Learning activities
Add other items
that you may
wish to track
• Advisor/mentor meetings
• Research plans
• Other goals
• Career planning
Assignment Instructions
Basic Example:
• List your learning plan for the next six months:
• List a deficiency in your skillset which you
would like to improve:
• What is your goal percentile score for upcoming
in service examination?
• What skills have you improved since your last
semi – annual review:
Assignment Instructions: What I use
Example of instructions I use
Assignment instructions:
• 1. List specific learning plan for each rotation for next six months: List plan for EACH ROTATION.
• 2. Outline your learning plan for the ACR inservice examination. List your score goal. (If you are a
senior resident, list your plan for the board examination).
• 3. List your mentor. List dates of meeting(s) with mentor.
• 4. List research or scholarly activity completed or in progress since last semi-annual review.
• 5. List one or more areas of “weakness” in your skillset which you would like to improve. List plan
for improvement.
• 6. What was your least favorite rotation? What are your thoughts on improving the rotation?
• 7. List your practice quality improvement PROJECT and date of completion. (Required once in 4 year
• 8. Identify your subspecialty interest area(s). List estimated confidence level (i.e. 0-100%)
• 9. Indicate that you understand the process for confidential evaluation of residency program quality
at: (YES/NO).
• 10. If you could change one thing about the residency program, what would you change?
Step 2:
• Assignment Instructions
• You can:
– Enter instructions directly into the text box
– OR
– “Cut and Paste” from separate document
• Note: Your formatting will not be saved
Step 2: Assignment instructions
Step 3: Assign People
Step 3: Assign People
Resident list is
automatically populated
with the active resident
Adding residents:
1. Double click resident
2. Select resident and
3. Click
to add all
residents on roster
You can remove residents
by clicking opposite
Once residents are
selected, click
Step 4: Set due date
Step 4: Set a due date
Click calendar icon
To open calendar pop-up
Select your due date
Step 5: Final Step
Select Assignment Approval
Step 5:
Select Assignment Approval
Select “reviewers” from green box in upper
right hand corner.
This is not required, BUT
Selecting the box will send to reviewer for
signature and additional documentation.
Review and Distribute
Once you have completed
Step 5
Lower LEFT of the screen
This will take you to the
“Distribute Assignments”
Review and Distribute
Review your
assignment list
You can delete
to return to
assignment screen
To confirm and SEND
Review and Distribute
Assigned residents
will now receive and
email from new
indicating that a
Journal Assignment
is due.
Success… well, almost
• Next tasks
1. Reviewing journal entries
2. Sending reminders to complete journal
3. Deleting journal assignments
Start at “Home” page
View Journal Entries
Move mouse to
Select and click:
This will take you to
“Journals” page
“Journals” page
“Journals” page
Select Residents Journal
Double click the
resident’s highlighted
This will take you to the
resident’s journal page
Resident’s Journal Page
This page shows all Journal
entries completed by the
selected resident
Simply click the “title” of
the entry, in this case:
This will open the journal
Journal Entry Display
The resident journal entry is
in the “notebook” section
The instructions are on the
Journal Review: Comments and Return
You can enter “Comments”
in the green box lower left
hand corner
You can “return” the journal
entry to have the resident
edit and re-enter the
journal entry by clicking:
Clicking the return button
will send the entry back to
resident for correction
Journal Review: Confirm review
Once journal entry is
acceptable, check item in
“Reviewers” section to
The resident will be notified
of completed entry
Next tasks: Managing Assignments
• 1. Sending Reminder to complete entry
• 2. Deleting Journal Assignment
• These two tasks are done from another page
Send Reminder for assignment
Start at “Portfolio” page
This will take you to the
“Manage Assignments”
Manage Assignments: Send reminder
First: Select correct dates
1. Click on the date range
to select date of entry
(default is today’s date
minus 6 months)
2. Change the date range
as needed
3. Click
4. This will populate the
journal assignments
Manage Assignments: Send reminder
Assignments are listed
by due date
RED: Assignment
dates in red =
assignments were
submitted late
Assignment dates in
black were submitted
“on time”
Manage Assignments: Send reminder(s)
Send a reminder:
Click the box(es) in the
left column
Email reminder will be
sent to selected
Manage Assignments: Delete assignments
Delete Assignment(s):
Click the box(es) in the
left column
The selected
assignments will be
Done?... With
there’s always more!
• Last step… seriously
• Set up “Notifications”
• Go to main “Portfolio” page
Configure “Notifications
Go to
This will take you to the
“Notifications” page
This will configure
automatic email
notification for the journal
“Notifications” page
tab (right)
Check the 4 boxes on the
left to activate Journal
ACGME Common Requirements:
Scholarly Activity; PQI?
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