All Aboard!
Creating a Service Matrix
for Mobile Library Services
Arapahoe Library District
Cindy McFadden, MLIS
Outreach Services
Arapahoe Library District
Centennial, Colorado
What Put us in this Position?
• Strategic Plan Tactic for a 2-vehicle service
• Bookmobile taken off the road
• New OBS bookmobile ordered
• Delivery expected in February 2010
• Where will we go and who will we serve?
Looking for Best Practices
• Review of professional literature
• Talking to our peers in the industry
Building a Schedule Leads to
Building a Matrix
Request for proposal (RFP) process for choosing the right
bookmobile vendor
Could this work for choosing the right bookmobile stops
and hours?
• Objective, fact-based
• Could have multiple criteria
• An official "scoring system" helps validate "gut instinct"
and staff experience
• Can save money or resources
• Can get us to a better product
How Did We Build It?
Determining our priorities for criteria
Flow Chart
Associating conditions with the chosen criteria
'Hard' data vs. 'soft' data
Scoring the criteria
Construction Phase II
Setting up the scoring system
Criteria are weighted equally with each other
Conditions are assigned percentages
rank x weight x factor = score
Criteria Evaluation
Construction Phase III:
Scoring the Sites
• Assigning scores to actual sites
• Sample of the populated Matrix
Range of Service
Determining the range of scores for service
Levels of service
Levels of Service--Visual
Service Levels
Creating Your Own Matrix
Practice Matrix
From Theory to Practice
• How is it working?
• Lessons learned
Continuing Service
• October 2010: 6 month evaluation of service
• Kept all other content for matrix
• Added Site Condition and Use criterias
• Ended two stops
• Lengthened service at two stops
• Added two additional stops in Glendale for twice a week
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Service Matrix, 2/2010
Working Service Matrix, 10/2010
Contact Information
Cindy McFadden
Arapahoe Library District
5955 S. Holly St.
Centennial, CO 80121
[email protected]

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