Update Top-Up Funding Indicator

Version 0.1
Update Top-Up Funding Indicator
Jim Haywood
Product Manager for Statutory Returns
DfE Notes on the Top-Up Funding Indicator
DfE Notes on the Top-Up Funding Indicator
DfE has provided the following notes on the Top-Up Funding Indicator
1. A true/false flag is being introduced to indicate those pupils on roll on
Census Day for whom a school receives top-up funding from the local
authority, or in the case of a PRU the top-up funding could be from a
local authority or a school.
2. This data item will be collected termly and applies to all pupils in all
phases/types of school within the scope of the School Census.
3. Top-up funding is supplied by local authorities from their high needs
budget directly. In the case of PRUs the top-up funding will come from
a local authority’s high needs budget directly or through schools.
DfE Notes on the Top-Up Funding Indicator
DfE has provided the following notes on the Top-Up Funding Indicator
4. In both cases the top-up funding relates to individual pupils and the
time they are in the school or PRU, and is to meet the costs of their
support which are additional to the support costs expected to be met
from the school or PRU budget share.
5. In schools it is expected that most pupils for whom top-up funding is
paid will also have a statement of special educational needs (SEN),
but this is not an automatic link and it will depend on the local policy
on statements of SEN.
6. This data item will be used for funding allocation purposes, and to
inform the development of the high needs funding system in the future
New Functionality to Allow Schools to Store the
Top-Up Funding Indicator for Pupils
A number of filters have been
provided to help schools
identifier pupils who have
received Top-Up Funding, but
the filter on SEN Statement is
likely to be the most helpful.
In this case there are
three pupils with an SEN
Statement, but we don’t
have to accept all of
Click and Shift Click
can be used to select
contiguous pupils.
Control Click can be
used to add pupils to the
select or, as in this case,
to remove pupils from
the selection.
We can click Add to add
the selected pupils to the
top up funding list. We
can do this mulitple
times and with different
filters in place
Once we are happy
with the list, we can
click Update to save
the list
If we close down at this
point we can see how
the selection can be
viewed and modified at a
future point.
Once we have the same
filter in place, we see the
same information as
seen when we saved.
Thank you for your time

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