How to Set Up Weebly with Your Domain Name

Circle K International
How to make your Free
Weebly site Show Up as Your
Domain Name!
By: Brittany Horton
2012-2013 Webmaster
Step 1
• Create a Weebly login
Step 2
• Create a free Weebly site
Step 3
• Create the Title of your website
Step 4
• Choose “Use a Domain You
Already Own” and type in the
domain name you wish your
Weebly site to show up as.
• This means you bought a
domain name from
namecheap, godaddy, etc. and
you want people who go to
your domain to be redirected
to your Weebly page…don’t
worry it will still say in the
URL even though people will
see your FREE Weebly site
Step 5
• Design your FREE Weebly website to whatever
qualifications you want (see the “How to Make
a Club Newsletter and Club Website”
powerpoint for awards criteria to follow to make
sure you have everything you need on your
Step 6
• Hit “Publish” when you’re ready for your website to be
available on the web! (Otherwise, no one can see your
site… take note that if you ever makes changes to your
weebly site, it will not show your updates to the world
unless you hit “Publish”).
Step 7
• It will ask you
again to choose
your website
domain, choose
“Use a Domain
You Already
Own” and make
sure the domain
name you want it
to point to is in
the text field.
Step 8
• It should display the next screenshot, where you will click “Domain
Setup Instructions” (Note: if you type in your domain name right
now, it will NOT display your weebly website….you still have to
adjust your DNS settings in order for this to happen).
Step 9
• This new screen will
pop up with
directions to redirect
your domain. You
have 2 options in
order to do this:
1) Send an email to
your domain registrar
(the company you
bought your domain
name through)
2) Login to your
domain name
provider and adjust
the settings yourself
Step 10
• If I were you, I would still send your
domain registrar that message either
through a live chat or through an
email message, because they will walk
you step by step on how to change
your settings. (Note: It will still take a
little time, anywhere from 20 min-1
hour (more or less) before your
website will be available… this is
called TTL – Time to Live) But, since
I’m assuming the reason why you are
looking at this is because you want
me to show you how to do it
manually, I will. Click “See
Instructions” if you haven’t already. It
will display the next screen (Note: the
highlighted and circled info will be
different than yours)
Step 11
• Login to your domain registrar (you should
have the username and password from when
you registered your domain name with them).
Step 12
• This part on will look different according to
who your domain registrar is! I use Namecheap,
so here’s the process I go through: (Domains >
Manage Domains)
Step 13
• Click my domain I want to change settings
Step 14
• Click “All Host
Records”under Host
Step 15
• You should have something different than this
to start with but you will want to change it to
look like this (except with a different IP address
according to what Weebly gives you) and “Save
Step 17
• Then after your TTL is up, you can type in the domain
name of your site (e.g. and you
should now see your Free Weebly website
displayed…all for FREE!

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