DTS Briefing 2013

DTS Briefing
01 Nov 13
Finance/Government Travel Card
Defense Travel System (DTS)
DTS Help/Technical Assistance
Company Commanders/First Sergeants
What the heck is DTS?
The Travel Team-Introductions
Pit Fall #1 : The Travel Card
Pit Fall #2 : Failure to Plan; Last Minute Nutrolls
Pit Fall #3 : Failure to Communicate
Go forth and do great things!
Finance/Government Travel Card
 USUHS Travel Card Program
 Program Manager
Mr. James Bruce (301) 295-3496
[email protected]
 Financial Management Office
Bldg A, Rm A1040B
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998
(TTRA), Public Law 105-264
 The Department of Defense (DoD) policy is that the
Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) will be used
by all DoD personnel to pay for all costs related to
official Government travel. Official government travel
is defined as travel under competent orders while
performing duties pertaining to official government
assignments such as temporary duty (TDY)
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Benefits of Using a Travel Card
 Travelers can use their travel charge card
wherever a credit card is accepted for authorized
reimbursable travel expenses
 Saves administrative costs incurred on paper-based
 Enhances unit readiness
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Traveler/Card Holder Responsibilities
 Travelers must use the card for airfare, lodging
and rental cars (Never purchase the extra
 Pay the balance due in full, upon receipt of the
billing statement
 https://home.cards.citidirect.com/CommercialCard/Cards.html
 Complete and file travel vouchers within five
business days of completion of travel
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Traveler/Card Holder Responsibilities
 Use the card only for authorized official travel
expenses ( Do not use within local area)
 Ensure that all personal information is current
 Notify Citi Bank if the travel card is lost or stolen
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Types of Travel Cards
 Standard Travel Card
 Use of this type of card is limited to travelers with
favorable credit report
 Credit limit $7500
 Restricted Travel Card
 An individual does not meet the credit requirements for
a Standard card
 If the individual declines a credit check
 Requested by the Commanding Officer, supervisor, or
 Credit limit $4000
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Travel Card Credit Limits
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Payment Policy
 Monthly Billing statements list all charges and
activities that occurred during the billing cycle
 Payment should be made in full by the due date
whether reimbursement has been received or not
received from your TDY
 Accounts are past due if not paid by the statement
due date
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Payment Policy
 Accounts become delinquent and are suspended at
60 days after the statement date
 If there are incorrect transactions on the statement,
the cardholder may dispute them
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Delinquency
 Occurs when a cardholder fails to pay the outstanding
balance in full within 60 days of the billing statement date
 The Chart below shows a timeline of what happens with
your account past due 30 through 120 days
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Contributing Factors to Delinquency
 Voucher was not filed for reimbursement in a
timely manner
 Reimbursement was not used to pay the charge
card vendor
 Traveler did not claim all authorized expenses
 The charge card vendor was not paid in full by the
billing statement due date
 Excessive/unauthorized cash withdrawals or card
usage for unofficial travel expenses
Finance/Government Travel Card
 The Consequences of Delinquency
 Counseling
 Oral and/or written reprimand
 Negative reporting to credit bureaus (after 210
days of delinquency)
 Cancellation of the travel charge card account
 Suspension of charging privileges
 Salary Offset
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Split Disbursement
 Become familiar with the Split Disbursement
option in DTS
 A method to avoid delinquency
 Selected when submitting a voucher
 A portion of the traveler’s reimbursement goes
directly to the charge card vendor, thus expediting
the payment
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Split Disbursement
 The remainder of the reimbursement is sent
directly to the cardholder’s account listed in their
 Military individuals are required to split disburse
all appropriate reimbursements to the charge card
 The traveler and the approving official should
ensure that split disbursement is done properly
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Split Disbursement in DTS
 How to split your disbursement after clicking the Additional Options
link in DTS
 The Payment Totals screen shows portion of the total reimbursable
expense that will be disbursed to the charge card vendor and the portion
that will be disbursed to the traveler’s personal account
Finance/Government Travel Card
 Partial Payments in DTS
 A partial payment allows the mbr to send automatic
payments to the GTC prior to submitting voucher for
reimbursement at the completion of travel
 If you opt for partial payments, you are still required to
submit a travel voucher
 Partial payments can only be set up if you will be on orders
for 45 days or longer
 How to set up partial payments after clicking the
Additional Options link in DTS (top right of the
 Select Partial Payments (middle of dark blue tool bar)
 Select the box that says Partial Payments
Finance/Government Travel Card
Here at the University, we run weekly reports
to check for unauthorized transactions and past
due accounts and report the results to the
Brigade and the Company Commanders. Use
your card responsibly and keep your name off
these lists.
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 What is DTS?
 “Featuring the best practices in industry and plugand-play components, Defense Travel System
streamlines the entire process involved in global
Department of Defense (DoD) travel.”
 Why do We use it?
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Policy
 USUHS (Business Rules)
 http://www.usuhs.mil/students/studenttravel.html
 Brigade
 Nine Rounds for Third Year Travel
 You might have to use DTS several times
 Be pro-active in learning and asking questions
 Look over the training on the website
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Chain of Communication
 [email protected]
 Mr Austin Mitchell (DTS Reviewer)
 295-3965
 [email protected]
 Mrs. Wendy McGrew (DTS Reviewer)
 295-3120
 [email protected]
 Mrs. Deborah Smith (Approving Official)
 295-1602
 [email protected]
 Company Commander/First Sergeants
 295-3722
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Training
 13, 27, 29 Nov 12 & 3, 5, 10, in the LRC (times
available on sign up rosters)
 Must attend one of these trainings prior to going on
any rotations
 Must have GTC, Rotation Locations, Rental Car
(the appointed mbr), and approved Business Rule
16 (if taking leave en-route with TDY)
 GTC and Address must be entered in DTS ASAP
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Review the Training
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Your Responsibility
 Entering orders in DTS at least 30 days prior to travel
(add multiple rounds if consecutively away)
 Making reservations for airfare and car rentals in DTS
 Must use Carlson Wagonlit 1-866-480-0659 if calling direct
 Confirming lodging and dates (Some Lodging
Contracted or Prepaid) NLT 14 days prior to travel
 Coordinating changes in rotation with OSA, Company
Commanders, and Approving Official
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Your Responsibility
 Contacting DTS Alert “First” before making changes
to approved orders
 Confirming and Printing your orders ahead of time
 Communicating with both the Academic and Military
Chains of Command
 Save Receipts for Everything for voucher
 Have CAC access while on rotation
 Buy a CAC card reader-HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
 http://militarycac.com/
Defense Travel System (DTS)
• Mode of Travel
 If traveling by POV member must fill out a Travel
Constructive Worksheet in DTS prior to approval
 http://www.usuhs.mil/students/studenttravel.html
 Will only be reimbursed the GOV airfare cost from
home station to TDY/TAD location or reverse
 Only one day of travel is authorized to and from
the TDY/TAD location
 Member must submit leave
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)
You only get paid the City Pair Cost
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Business Rule 16
 Leave in conjunction with TDY/TAD
 Traveler personally purchases airfare to a leave point
prior or after a TDY/TAD
 Will only be reimbursed the GOV airfare cost from
home station to TDY/TAD location or reverse
 Can not use CTO to purchase airline ticket
 Example Business Rule 16 located at
 Must have signed authorization by Approving Official
prior to purchasing ticket
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Lodging
 You will receive lodging confirmation # from Mr. Austin
 Call two weeks in advance to confirm your reservations
and dates (Some Lodging is Prepaid by the University)
 Members are not authorized “Non-availability” use the DTS chain of
command ASAP for any issues
 You must cancel lodging if you change your rotations
 If you plan on being out of lodging for more than a few days, you must check
out (Contact your Chain of Command)
 If you upgrade a room, you pay the difference (Family)
 If you plan on living at the TDY location, you must have a signed lease to
receive up to the amount of lodging, unless location is prepaid (Lackland is
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Car Rental
 Must be authorized by the Approval Official and in the DTS orders
 Vehicle must be compact or economy size
 Vehicle will be used for “Official Business ONLY” (i.e. TDY
location, food, necessities, etc) Excess gas will not be refunded
 Do NOT accept upgrades in rental cars-mbr will not be reimbursed
for additional cost of gas
 If you refuse the rental, contact Mr. Mitchell ASAP so another
member can be assigned
 Save gas receipts
 Rental vehicle can only be picked up the day prior to the start of
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 Example: Traveling to Travis AFB CA for Round
Three, left car in San Antonio TX during Round 2
because you flew back to Bethesda MD for an
exam. Now you need to pick up your car on the
way to Travis AFB CA.
 What will the government pay?
 Business Rule 16 or Travel Constructive Worksheet
 All travel must be documented in your orders
 Government will only pay for Official Travel
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 You show up for a funded round and lodging
has informed you that no rooms are available
even with your confirmation number and want
to give you a non-availability letter.
 What do you do?
 Call your Company Commander/First Sergeant
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 You are completing a funded round and want
to change your return flight to one day early.
 What do you do?
Call the Airline carrier directly and change the flight
You could be responsible for any additional costs
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 You’re waiting for funded orders to be
approved and you still haven’t received an email notifying you of the approval.
 What do you do?
Look in DTS
Use the DTS Alert System/chain of communication
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 Should you make changes in DTS once orders
are approved?
 Once you edit approved orders, they have to be
signed, reviewed, and approved again
Use the DTS Alert System/chain of communication
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 You are authorized a car rental and they offer
you an upgrade at no cost.
 What do you do?
 DO NOT take the up-grade
 Take the upgrade and not be refunded for additional gas
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 You are away on multiple rounds and have
decided to return to Bethesda MD over the
weekend to visit family.
 What should you do?
 Once you return to Home Station on official orders you
must start new orders
 Additional flights or costs associated with your return
will be paid by the member
Defense Travel System (DTS)
 Scenarios
 You have an emergency that requires you to
leave your TDY/TAD location.
 What should you do?
 Contact your academic and military chain of commands
 Check out of lodging to stop billing for time away from
TDY location (?)
DTS Help/Technical Assistance
 [email protected] or .mil
NOTE: Any/all request should be sent to the above email address after checking with your
DTS travel team.
 Primary:
 Curtis (Doc) Mask
 301-295-3230
 Alternate
 Lee Beauchamp
 301-295-3230
Company Commanders/First Sergeants
• CPT Mavlyn Bazil – 301-295-9433
– Email: [email protected]
• SFC Joseph Mickles- 301-295-0593
– Email: [email protected]
• LT Melissa Strahan- 301-295-9434
– Email: [email protected]
• HMC E. Michael Davenport- 301-295-9667
– Email: [email protected]
• Maj Angelique Collamer- 301-295-3280
– Email: [email protected]
• MSgt Leanne Donathan- 301-295-0555
– Email: [email protected]

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