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Vocabulary Unit 2 Week 2
 A story that has been handed down for years and has
some basis in fact
 Example: Stories about pirates became legendary
because they are often part fact and part fiction.
 To speak in a low, unclear tone with your mouth closed
 Example: Josh was afraid to tell the truth because he did
not want to get in trouble. He muttered when he spoke to
his teacher.
 Synonyms: mumbled, talk softly
 To stare with your mouth wide open in surprise, shock,
or wonder
 Example: Sandra gaped when she found out that
someone crashed into her car in the parking lot.
 Laughing in a disrespectful and mean way
 Example: The villains were snickering and plotting an
evil plan to capture Mickey Mouse.
 A remark or action that hurts someone’s feelings or pride
 Example: Steve was insulted when his friends left him
out of the kickball game.
 To react to something unpleasant by drawing back
 Example: Jerrod flinched when the doctor gave him a
 Synonyms: cringe, wince

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