Demo Mode and Set up Instructions

Demo Mode and Set up
Kobo Mini and Glo
September, 2012
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 1
Select the Language.
Step 2
You have the option of selecting
either a Computer Set up or a
Wireless Set up.
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 3
If you choose Connect to a
Computer, the screen will prompt
you to do so with USB cable
Step 4
If you choose Wireless Set Up, the
first screen will ask you to confirm
the time
Kobo Mini and Glo – Wireless Set up
These next steps assume a Wireless Set Up. Please skip ahead to Step 1-C for
Computer Set up screens.
Step 5
The device will automatically search
for available networks
Step 6
Select the available network and enter
the password when prompted.
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 7
Step 8
You will be asked to sign into or create a Kobo
Account. Please work with someone at the
store to create an account so they can control
and edit what free previews show up.
Follow the prompts to create the
account for the store. * No credit card
information will need to be entered
so it is safe *
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 9
When you sign in to your
account, Kobo will automatically
search for software updates
Step 10
The device will take a few
minutes to update the eReader
with any books selected in the
registration process
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 11
Step 12
The device will provide documentation
about what updates have been included in
the most recent software. To skip through –
click on the X in the top right corner
This screen will prompt you to connect to
Facebook for Reading Life. You can Skip
this step.
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 13
Click on the Settings Icon (3
horizontal lines)
Click on Search.
Step 14
In the search bar, type in
demo mode on
Wait several minutes for the demo
loop to begin automatically
Kobo Mini and Glo – Computer Set Up
Instructions to follow for Computer Set Up. Follow Steps 1 through 4 above, and
then continue with Step 1-C below.
Step 1-C
Plug the device into the computer with a
micro USB cable.
Go to
You must download the Kobo desktop app.
Step 2-C
Follow the instructions as prompted.
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 3-C
Step 4-C
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 5-C
Step 6-C
After a few moments the Kobo Desktop will
recognize the new device
Click Get Started
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 7-C
The Kobo Desktop will now connect to the Kobo Touch
Step 8-C
If you already have a Kobo account click Sign in and enter your
If don’t have a Kobo account, click Create an Account and fill in the
appropriate text boxes
Click Continue
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 9-C
Kobo Desktop will connect to the
Kobo account
Step 10-C
Kobo Desktop will download any required
eReader updates and apply them to the
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 11-C
Kobo Desktop will then update the
Library on the Touch device – this is
called synchronization or syncing
Step 12-C
Once the updates and synchronization are
completed, the activation has been a success
Click Continue
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 13-C
You are given the option of shopping for
books or ejecting the eReader
If you wish to disconnect the Touch from
the computer click Eject
Step 14-C
You can now disconnect the USB cable
from both the computer and the device
Activation is complete
Click OK
Kobo Mini and Glo
Step 15-C
Unplug the device. It will take
a moment for the device to
start up the first time.
Step 16-C
Return to Step 13 to activate
the demo mode.

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