Kindergarten Round-Up - Katy Independent School District

Welcome to
Kindergarten Round-Up
Please fill out the questionnaire
after you find a seat so we can get to
know you, your child and your family
a little better.
In Kindergarten your child will:
•Learn to read independently
•Recognize and read 100 sight words within 3 seconds
•Write to communicate independently and read their own writing
(hopefully you’ll be able to read it too!)
•Count up to 20 objects.
•Begin addition and subtraction.
•Count to 100 orally.
•Count forward and backwards.
•Count by 10’s to 100.
A supply list will be available
at all major retailers before
school starts.
The PTA also sells school
supply packs that you can order.
Lunch, Snacks, Naps and Accidents:
•Your child may bring a lunch from home
or buy a lunch at school
•We have a snack time daily- please
send healthy snacks. No drinks.
• We do not have a nap time
during the day.
•You will need to send a change of
clothes in a plastic bag
“just in case”.
•It’s best to stick with one form of transportation,
especially the first several weeks of school.
•If you have to change transportation it needs to be
in writing before 3:00 p.m. (letter or fax with
photo i.d.)
If you have a question you’d like
answered prior to school starting
please write it on a sticky note and
place it on the chart paper around the
Your child will have homework daily Monday through
Homework is meant to be done with parent supervision.
This summer you may want to begin a “homework routine”
• sit down in a designated, quiet spot
•Practice reading, writing name, drawing and telling about
a picture… etc.
•Read aloud a book to your child.
•Have your child read the pictures of a book to you.
Save the date!
Kindergarten Orientation is
Kindergarten Orientation
is always before school starts.
We have it on a Saturday. It is
August 24 at 3:00 p.m. If possible
please make arrangements for your
other children. It is usually about
an hour long.
Preparing yourself for your child’s first day.
•Try to stay positive.
•Try not to linger when it’s time to go.
•Save the tears for after you walk away.
•Reassure your child before school starts.
•Make a plan ahead of time and talk to your child
about what school will
be like.
What you can do this summer to prepare
your child:
•Read to your child every day.
•Several weeks before school starts get on a “school” schedule
•Talk to your child about starting school and let them know your excited for them
•Count objects at home (snacks, toys… etc.)
•Have your child find letters they know while reading, grocery shopping…)
•Rhyme words orally
•Practice cutting with scissors and using glue
•Learn the names of basic shapes
•Practice the sight word cards
•Practice writing first name (first letter capital
the rest lower case letters, ie. John).
A Short Video to help you be a
“Kindergarten Ready Parent”

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