Q Will Sign up for Safety replace risk management assessments?

Sign up to Safety?
Welcome to the webinar for
Safety Improvement Plans
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reduce background noise
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Our shared cause
Sign up to Safety
harm by 50%
and saving
6000 lives
5 pledges
1 personal
1 safety lead
and 1
Safety Improvement Plan
Why do you need one?
What is the link with the pledges?
What is it?
What will it be used for?
What needs to be included?
What are the deadlines?
We are developing an outcome
based safety and learning service, to
support our members in learning
from claims.
. carried out our
In March 2014, we
last risk management assessment.
• Supporting NHS LA member organisations to
reduce harm and thereby reduce claims, through
a one off, discretionary payment in 2015
• Could be up to 10% of a member’s CNST
• Funding is to support the implementation of the
safety improvement plan
• NHS LA will provide information and analysis of
your claims, together with expert support from
one of our Safety and Learning Leads
• Incidents reported since April 2009 together with
the specialty type and cost of these claims, (or
anticipated cost of claims yet to be resolved)
• Starting point when considering areas which your
organisation may wish to focus on
How to apply
• In your submission to Sign up to Safety, state
whether you would like your safety
improvement plan to be considered by the
NHS LA for funding of the work you have set
out in your plan
• Plans to be robust and provide evidence of
how higher volume and/or higher value claims
will be reduced over time
There will be additional financial benefit to your
organisation if you are able to reduce the cost
of claims over time as this will be reflected in
your CNST contributions.
Contact us
If you would like the Safety and Learning Team
to liaise with your safety lead, work through the
themes and trends arising from your data and
help your lead identify improvement solutions
to support the goal, please ask your safety lead
to contact the Safety and Learning Team via
email: [email protected]
Q Will Sign up for Safety replace risk management assessments?
• Sign up for Safety is a component of our safety and learning service which replaces assessments.
The last assessment was undertaken in March 2014. We have moved away from the standards and
assessments to deliver an outcome based safety and learning service, reduce the burden on
frontline staff and help to engage clinicians in learning from claims
Q What will happen to the Risk Management Discounts on contributions?
• We are aiming to move away from Risk Management Discounts but in doing so, will aim to avoid big
swings in price for organisations. There are opportunities available to organisations in Sign up to
Safety in order to respond to the challenges presented by increasing claims
Q How is the one off incentive payment being funded?
• The incentive payment is being funded from a one-off allocation of funding from the Department of
Q Can organisations invest the money over time?
• Foundation Trusts will be able to carry the money over however Non-FTs will need to spend the
money within the financial year
Q When will we get the payment?
• If you are successful, we will notify your organisation of the amount of the payment by the end of
the financial year and this will be deducted from your contribution for 2015/16
Q Are independent sector providers of NHS care eligible?
• No, as Sign up to Safety applies to the organisation rather than a particular service
Q Is it worth it for CCGs as they won’t get much, if anything?
• CCGs have a very specific role in Sign up to Safety and their pledges are slightly different, to support
providers and the learning and to think about the drivers for change. There will be targeted and
focused work with CCGs
Q Given rising claims volumes, is the price of CNST going up next year?
• There has been a significant rise in the number of claims, primarily as a result of changes to the
legal environment although we are encouraging individual organisations to look at their claims. We
are working closely with NHS England, Monitor, the NTDA and others to progress work on the price
for CNST next year and will be in a position to share more information towards the end of this year
Secondary Drivers
Aim / Outcome
Primary Drivers
Staff training –
Staff utilisation/application
Staff capacity & opportunity
AQuA & AHSN safety networks
Staff safety leads at all levels
XXX organisation
will reduce
avoidable harm
in our targeted
areas by 50%
within 3 years
(Dec 2017/Jan
Service users as safety leaders
Leadership & culture
Safety strategies & policies
Culture surveys & tools
Patient & staff experience
National & local data sources
Measurement plans
Training & education
Harm specific topics
Reduction in pt restraint
Self harm
Med errors
Record /handover errors
Specialist training &
Planning & documentation
Risk assessments
Measurement of specific harm
Sign up to Safety
Via: http://www.england.nhs.uk/signuptosafety/about/

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