IDES` webinar communication strategy Powerpoint

Webinar Process
1. Prior to Webinar
2. During Webinar
3. Follow-Up After Webinar
4. Archive & Persistent Lead Generation
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6 weeks prior to the webinar, ads are placed throughout
our website and link to GoToMeeting’s registration
Webinars Page
A listing and an ad link to the webinar registration page.
We create a blog posting which updates our LinkedIn
and Twitter accounts.
We include the upcoming webinar as a featured story in
our email newsletters beginning 6 weeks prior to
the webinar.
Email Alerts
We have an opt-in list of people who have asked to be
notified of upcoming webinars. Email alerts are sent to
this list 1 to 2 days prior to the presentation.
Email alerts are also sent to recipients based on past
downloads of white papers from our website and
newsletter click tracking on topics associated with the
webinar presentation content.
Registration Form
Gathers minimal information: first name, last name
and email.
After 5 seconds, the registration page redirects to a
Tell-a-Friend page created with SurveyGizmo. The form
also asks if they would like to be added to our webinar
alerts email list.
Viral Email
Emails include summary information for the webinar
and a link to register.
Webinar Reminder Emails
Through the GoToMeeting service, webinar reminder
emails are sent 1 day and 1 hour prior to the event.
They include connection and calling instructions, and
the ability to add the event to their Outlook Calendar.
Of note, all post webinar items are also produced prior
to the webinar – these include:
• On-demand video page
• Landing page to download slides
• Follow up emails to attendees and non attendees
We do this so that recipients receive a link to the
webinar recording and slides within 3 hours of the
presentation ending.
During the Webinar
Our company manages the webinar using the
GoToMeeting interface.
The sponsoring company provides 2 presenters:
An Expert and a Personality to add flavor and interest
to the topic.
Approximately 2 polls are presented during the webinar
to encourage audience participation (which
increases attention rates). Polls also inform presenters
what’s most important to the audience, helping them
provide relevant information matched to attendees
Follow-Up After the Webinar
Exit Polls
Audience members are automatically directed to a
short exit poll with 2 questions:
• Would you like to receive email alerts for upcoming
• What topics would you like to see in the future?
On-Demand Video Recording
We use Camtasia from TechSmith to capture webinar
presentations. Recordings are produced and posted to
TechSmith’s Screencast video hosting service. Then they
are embedded onto a page on our website optimized for
search engines and available for people to view (and
share) anytime from the comfort of their office.
Videos are produced and posted to our website within
3 hours of completing the webinar.
Follow-Up After the Webinar
Email Follow-Up
Specific emails are sent to attendees and non-attendees
providing them with a link to view the webinar video
and download presentation slides.
These are sent approximately 3 hours after the event,
once the on-demand video recording is available from
our website.
On-Demand Webinars are promoted in future email
newsletters. Past newsletter links are changed – rather
than linking to the defunct registration form, they link to
the recorded webinar page.
Archive & Persistent Lead Generation
Landing Page to Download Slides
From the on-demand webinar page, people can click
a link to a landing page customized to look like the
presenter’s company website where visitors can
complete a short form to download the slides.
The form on the landing page is CRM cookie-based
for contact information – most visitors just see the
questions which include inviting them to join the
webinar email alert list. If a visitor is new, additional
contact data is collected 1 step prior to the form
with questions.
Thank You Page
The customized landing page links to a downloadable
PDF copy of webinar slides. The page also includes a
link to the presenter’s website.
Because the webinar recording is archived and always
available, it becomes a persistent lead generation tool
for the companies that sponsor the webinars.

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