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Told By: Lisa (Laine) Diehl
• Animation started in 1917 anime style didn’t start till later
• Anime began: 20th century, when Osamu Tezuka (known as the
godfather of anime) created Astro Boy in the 1960s
• “Big eye” style; inspired by Walt Disney
• Inspired many animators throughout
the years including Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away)
Action vs. romance/splice of life
• Chibi is a style of anime in which the bodies are small and the
heads are big. Its supposed to make the characters look cute
AKA kawaii desu. Usually a plush doll would be made to look
like this.
Key Chains
Cosplay (short for "costume play“) is a type of performance
art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to
represent a specific character or idea. Video games has also
become a big part of anime culture through cosplay.
Some cosplayers create fur suits for
their animal characters. This type of
cosplay is VERY expensive. Its usually
$250 just to get a head made. (this is
without mouth moving technology) and
the whole suit could cost $3000.
(these are cheaper prices. Some can
be up to $10,000)
Anime conventions are places where people who like anime and more
meet up to hang with others and buy anime merchandise.
There are also panels in which people explain a how-to or put on a
skit/ask questions. Conventions are held on weekends Friday-Sunday.
Saturdays are the main event days in which the Contest/skits and rave
is held.
Character Auction at Anime Milwaukee
DeviantArt: A place to post fan art, cosplay, or fanfiction to.
YouTube: a place to post anime music
videos(amv), episodes, parodies, or
cosplay skits to. is a website to write
about you’re favorite characters. It
mostly has slash about characters that
aren’t together in the actual show.
GaiaOnline is a place were you can be a little
anime avatar and play games or talk to others
who like anime. You can also discuss things that
are popular currently in the forums.
There are various other anime/manga
viewing websites.
Tumblr is where you can post
pictures, videos, quotes, or links from
shows or other things of stuff you
like. A lot of couplings start here.
Ex: the pairing Marceline and
Princess Bubblegum from AT is on
the rage right now.
Mangabullet is a website to post
your own original manga/comics
Sadly, there are things in the anime world that just
frustrates some of the fans.
•Doujinshi: a fan-made book of an existing show; usually
•Fanfiction and Slash
•Pairings with other
Characters with other
Characters in the show
That the character doesn’t
Get along with.
(or slash is like making a
Character gay with
Another character
becausethere is apparently subtext between them.
Mostly this is just wishful thinking)
WEABOO: Someone who is obsessed with Japan/Japanese Culture/Anime,
etc. and attempts to act as if they were Japanese, even though they're far
from it. They use Japanese words but usually end up pronouncing them
wrong and sounding like total idiots.
Wapanese is the term used to describe a person of non-japanese descent
who is incredibly obsessed with Japanese things. A person who watches
anime or majors in Japanese language at university is not counted as
Haruhi pic:
Oasmu Tezuka info:
Astro Boy pic:
Pic of me in Utena cosplay is mine.
Pic of Kayleigh as Axel:
Pic of TwinFools as Naruto:
Pic of Kelly and Jen as Link:
Other Merchandise:
Ouran Manga:
Inuyasha Keychain:
Burst Angel DVD:
Anime Expo:
Pic of Pyramid Head is mine.
Fanfiction pic:
Chibi Ichigo:
CHIBI Haruhi:
Chibi link:
sauske is my waifu:
Type desu:
I speak Japanese:
Furry cosplay pic1:
Furry cosplay2:

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