Human Values and Professional Ethics- Value Education

Human Values and Professional EthicsValue Education through Self Exploration
18th July,2013
Dorji Thinlay, Director, Department B
Sherub Tharchen, ALO
Dendup Wangmo, AIPO
Sangay Bidha, AIPO
Dil Maya Chhetri, AIPO
Ugyen Dema, ACO
Sangay Lhamo, AIPO
Human values and professional ethics….
What are your goals?
Do you know what you really want?
In whatever you have done so far, did you decide these
things for yourself, or were you merely acting under
external influence???
Have you ever explore or asked these questions to
yourself before attending this session?
The course is an attempt to integrate all the aspects of
our life into a single whole and equip us with a capability
to find answers to the above questions
In short….
It is the process of knowing or understanding oneself
inorder to understand the outer world
Contents of the presentation…
•Need for value education and the role of education in holistic
•Self exploration as a process for value education
•Identification of basic human aspiration-continuous happiness
and prosperity
•Programs to fulfill these aspirations
•Understanding the harmony at four levels: self, family,
society and nature
•Understanding Existence as Co-existence
Questions restricted
Whatever we present here is just a proposal
One has to verify on the basis of your own right
Why value education…??
The ultimate desire of human being
To be happy and prosperous at all times
State of society today..
•Science enabled us to understand physical
reality around us
•Technology continues to offer us conveniences
in increasingly newer way-made tremendous
advancement and innovations
Are we satisfied
with the state of
affairs today..
We are still faced with serious problems at various levels…
Lack of clarity on life goals, contradiction and stress at
individual level
Lack of mutual understanding, mistrust, insecurity at the level
of human relationship in family
Communal conflict, exploitation, corruption and violence in
Environmental degradation, resource depletion at the level of
What exactly is amiss here? OR where then,
lies the solution???
Understanding of Values- correct identification of
what is really valuable to a human being???
Education :Holistic development
Role of education in holistic development….
What is the Role of Education...??
The role of education is to facilitate the development of the competence
to live with Definite Human Conduct
All units around us exhibit definite conduct... except human
Trees, Plants...
Conduct is based on their seed
Conduct is based on their breed
Human Beings
Conduct is based on their education-sanskar
Does the current education system promote these??
Increase in inhuman conduct with increase of education today
Just getting through and making a career, getting good job,
power etc- the overall purpose of today’s education
Definite Human Conduct
1. Right understanding in self
2. Right relationship with other human beings
3. Right acquirement of physical facility
Are we able to ensure this Education?
If we want to provide such education, what would be the basic
How can we ensure a fulfilling life through the process of
value education???
Process…Self Exploration
It is a dialogue between “what you are” and “what you want to
Content: how to start exploring the self...
1. Desire: what is my basic aspiration?
2. Program: what is the process to fulfil this aspiration?
Process…Self exploration
Whatever is said is a proposal
Do not accept it as it is, or assume it to be true
Verify it on your own right- verify the proposals on the basis
of your natural acceptance
Natural Acceptance….???
Is present in each one of us. It is something which acceptable
to us in natural manner
Is intact and invariant/universal
Process…Self Exploration
Live according
to the proposal
Verify on the
basis of your
Realization and
Mutual happiness
Mutual prosperity
How can we assure mutual happiness and prosperity in continuity…???

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