Apple Initiative and Digital Pathways - Columbus State

Apple Initiative and Digital
Shannon Bookout, Matthew Heywood and Tracy Little
From the Apple Steering Committee
Office of Academic Affairs:
Dr. Jack Cooley
Distance Learning Dean:
Faculty Fellows
Academic Council:
Digital Learning
DEIS: Distance
Education &
Instructional Support
Distance Learning Leads
• Student Success
• Student
• Faculty
• Peer Mentoring
• Closed Captioning
• Quality Matters
• Training
• Common Course
Structure Mandate
Digital Pathways
TLTR: Teaching Learning
Technology Roundtable
• Active & Mastery Learning
• Learning Object Initiative
• Digitizing Courses
• LOC: Lifelong ….. Course
• Dual Enrollment
• Straight-A Grant
• Textbook Affordability
• iBook Process Task Force
• ACCT program pilot
• Apple Steering Committee
• Apple Initiative
• iBooks
• iTunes U
• Professional Development
• Blended Learning
Digital Pathways at
Columbus State
enables faculty to
create state-of-the-art
educational materials
and employ interactive
delivery methods that
enhance student
engagement and
Digital Pathways
 Focus is a strong collaboration with the Distance
Education and Instructional Design (DEIS) Team and
 Focus is on student success and incorporating new
technology into the classroom, not because its new,
but because it enhances learning
 Focus is on a real understanding of how students
learn in the 21st century
 Focus is on using technology as an interactive tool
 Helps Faculty focus on Active, Mastery and Engaged
Digital Pathways
Columbus State
has been both
innovative and
adaptive to
student learning
– a leader in
since 1997.
Digital Pathways: Apple Initiative
Apple has been
committed to
helping provide
the tools to
Digital Pathways: Apple Initiative
 Collaboration between Columbus State and Apple
 The Apple Initiative is part of the larger focus on
Digital Pathways
 How did this collaboration come about?
 The History and Background
 The Apple Steering Committee
Apple Initiative
 What does this collaboration provide for
Columbus State and Columbus State Faculty?
 Apple Professional Development
 Use of iPad for course content development
 Use of iPad for teaching in the classroom
 Use of iPad for classroom management and
sharing of information
 Itunes U Presence for Columbus State
 iBooks Author Opportunities for Columbus State
Apple Initiative - Contacts
 Apple Steering Committee
Tom Erney (Dean DEIS)
Carol Thomas (VP Information Technology)
Bruce Massis (Director Columbus State Library)
Jason LaMar (DEIS and Apple Trainer/Contact at CSCC)
Shannon Bookout (Faculty Fellow Distance Learning)
Matthew Heywood (Textbook Affordability Co-Chair)
Ann Palazzo (Faculty Fellow Distance Learning)
Tracy Little (Academic Council Coordinator)
Teddi Lewis Hottop (Project Manager)
Apple Initiative
 Apple Initiative is still in early phase of development
 First two cohorts of faculty went through over the
summer and a third is scheduled for this month.
 Have two iBooks pilots in the works
 Researching ways to get iPads into the hands of
What is iTunes U?
Apple’s Education/Academic Sharing Space
Content Collection/ repository of materials
Can be made public or private
Can be set as an “in-session” course with dates that
certain assignments are made and information
 Can also be set as just available (not in session) so
viewers can work through material as time permits.
iTunes U
 Allows for an alternative way for students to view
course materials and may allow for greater student
 Can allow faculty to showcase a part of their course,
or a course sample for the public
 Public face of the college and our academic programs
 Example
iBooks Author
 Multi-media interactive educational experience
Publish in iTunes Store
Faculty Authorship
Textbook Affordability
Can be used for small handouts, assignments, or actual
book chapters..
 Example
Apple Initiative – Want to get
 New Application process to go through the Apple
Professional Development training
 New Application process to author an iBook for a
 Establishing a process to get courses posted on
iTunes U.
 Establishing an Apple “work center” in the DEIS and
library and providing copyright information and
research support.

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