Perencanaan Kapasitas

Manajemen Operasi Bisnis
Perencanaan Kapasitas
Budi Harsanto
Jenis Kapasitas
• Kapasitas desain (design capacity): the
maximum theoretical output of a system.
• Kapasitas efektif (effective capacity): the
capacity a firm expects to achieve given
current operating constraints. Often lower
than design capacity.
Utilisasi & Efisiensi
• Utilisasi
= Output aktual : Kapasitas desain
• Efisiensi
= Output aktual : Kapasitas efektif
Mengelola Permintaan
 Permintaan melebihi Kapasitas
o Curtail demand by raising prices, scheduling
longer lead time.
o Long term solution is to increase capacity.
 Kapasitas melebihi Permintaan.
o Stimulate market.
o Product changes.
Matching Demand to Capacity
1. Making staffing changes
2. Adjusting equipment
• Purchasing additional machinery
• Selling or leasing out existing equipment
3. Improving processes to increase throughput
4. Redesigning products to facilitate more throughput
5. Adding process flexibility to meet changing product
6. Closing facilities
Heizer & Render
Pendekatan Ekspansi Kapasitas
• Analisa titik impas (Break Even Point Analysis)
• Decision Tree
BEP Analysis
BEP – Produk Tunggal
BEP$ & BEPx ?
BEP – Produk Tunggal
BEP – Produk Tunggal
BEP - Multi Produk
BEP - Multi Produk
BEP - Multi Produk
BEP – Multi Produk
Decision Tree
Southern Hospital Supplies Example.
Decision Tree
DT – Expected Monetary Value (EMV)
Decision Tree
• Heizer & Render, 9e.
• Etc.

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