The Ancient Japanese - Seven-Eight

The Ancient Japanese
Climate & Weather
In the Spring it is warm and everything is blossomy,
but in the Summer it starts with a dampy rain season
then in July it’s hot and humid. Most of the days it’s
above 30 degrees. In the Fall the weather is very mild.
In the Winter it’s cold. By the end of November
Japan gets cold winds causing it to rain and snow. On
other parts of the country the weather is very mild or
covered with snow.
Spring- Haru
Ancient Japanese Clothing
This female dress would most likely be
worn in the Summer and Spring because it
is a light colour and it wouldn’t attract the
sun as much.
Ancient Japan Clothing
This would most likely be worn in the Winter and
Fall to attract the sun for heat.
Ancient Japan Clothing
This would be worn by men.
You would wear this in the
Winter or Fall to keep warn and
the coat on top helps with the
warmth too.
Ancient Japanese Footwear
Zori Footwear
Geta Footwear
Tabi Socks (Worn
outside when cold)
Ancient Japanese Shelter
Pit-Dwelling House.
This house was used to keep heat
in by a hole dug in the ground and
grass around the house for
Elevated house
This house was used to keep
food cool and not get rotten.
They insulation was wood
and grass.
The Ancient Japanese
The Ancient Japanese were
very creative people. There
culture is very specific and has
interesting ways with creating

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